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Cedric Wade

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Tremere - House Tremere is nearly recovered from the Draven incident. Those whom are in the know, know that the fates of the Camarilla and the Tremere are linked. As House Tremere grows stronger so does the Camarilla.

Ventrue - We understand them, they understand us. I can easily see a friendship or alliance in the near future with them.

Toreador - Yes they look and sound pretty, but other than throw a party once a year what have they ever done? Are they doing anything of note now? I doubt it.

Lasombra - Never have I seen so many on the side of the Camarilla, unlike one clan I know of they are actually earning their keep. These Lasombra for the most part intrigue me.

Brujah Nosferatu Malkavian Gangrel - These clans are too few in number for me to have an opinion of them.

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House Tremere

Caerus - You play by the rules and are respectful while doing so. Greatness is in your future, I shall do all in my power to help you achieve this.

Asgeir - We are still in that getting to know each other period.

Brittney - There is no one in this city whom I trust more than you.

Marcos - It is not lost on me that you are different from the rest of us. It is also not lost on me that diversity only makes House Tremere stronger.

The Precious - After we overcome some issues, no rising star in the Camarilla shall shine brighter than you."


Vegard - During these dark nights there is no better person to lead us.


Ivy - [1]

Silvana - No matter where you go, know your not alone.



White Cat - I do not need animalism to know that you don't like me.

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Cedric's focus is on strengthening the Tremere and the Camarilla. Even though just an Ancilla he operates from behind the scenes like an Elder would. The only time not spent instructing Tremere under his watch is when he is meeting with other key power figures with in the Camarilla. He does not often visit the Elysiums, and when he does it is rare that he is there to just socialize. If Cedric is at the Elysium it is usually for a reason.

Name: Cedric Wade

Clan: Tremere

Rank: Regent

Position: Primogen

Faction: Camarilla

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RP Hooks

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