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Cenn Argent
Information Snapshots

Hopeful Dreamer

Age: 15
Apparent Age 26
Rite Name: Dreams-of-Stars
Height: 6'3"
Demeanor: Cavalier
Nature: Martyr
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Stargazers
Rank: Adren

Notable Stats

Strength: ●●●●
Wits: ●●●●
Intelligence: ●●●●
Rituals: ●●●●●
Lore Fera: ●●●
Lore Spirit: ●●●
Spirit Heritage: ●●●●● (Falling Stars)
Spirit Network: ●●●
Rite of Caern Building
Spirit Sight
Dual Perception
Prophetic Ability



Inspiration People


Kill A Word - Eric Church
Breathe - Fleurie
Hurts Like Hell - Fleurie

RP Hooks

Prophecy- Prophetic ability is certainly helpful. It's also a giant headache (literally) a lot of the time. Maybe you need a seer to speak truth for you? Maybe you find Cenn after one of his visions, he mostly just seems really drunk right after. Either way could be interesting fodder.

Traveller- Cenn has spent most of his life travelling. Originally from Quebec, he's roamed from the frozen North to the rainforests of South America. As such, he can have run into a lot of people in the past - Or a lot of things he is probably better off having not seen.

Umbra Quests - With as much Spirit Heritage as he has, it's no surprise Cenn really enjoys Umbral Travel. Need help on that front? He's probably your guy.


Stargazers.png What to say of family? They loved me when they perhaps they should not.
Garou.png I did not understand why we left - I think I do now.
Fera.png Sometimes I feel more one of you.
Wyrm.png A sad story, but sometimes the greatest mercy is a swift death.
Mage.png And they say /I/ sparkle.
Demon.png Now that would be odd.
Changeling.png Your world seems interesting, I bet you're even more so.
Vampire.png This seems better suited to someone else's expertise.
Wraith.png Some are nice, some are not. I don't mind conversation, though.
Mummy.png Everything else is real. Why not?
Mortal.png We would be nothing without you, but you might be the death of us all.


Phillipe: I had forgotten what home meant. Thank you for reminding me.
Journey: What a damn shame.
Simon Jones: What, exactly, are you up to?
Monica: It makes perfect sense to me that you've made the friends you have.
Rhys: This is some Twilight Zone shit, but you're also really pleasant.

RP Logs

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