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Family and Kin

Kinfolk.pngChildrenofgaia.pngCherazart Nice girl. Should come out to the caern more often.
Kinfolk.pngSilentstriders.pngCourtney Welcome back.
Kinfolk.pngChildrenofgaia.pngEloise Curiouser and curiouser.
Mokole.pngJennie Are we ever going to see you out of that bikini? I MEAN WEARING SOMETHING ELSE.
Kinfolk.pngChildrenofgaia.pngJune I always knew Death was a pretty girl.
Kinfolk.pngSilentstriders.pngKaylah Don't lose yourself in the darkness.
Kinfolk.pngBastet.pngMirana Hello, nurse!
Kinfolk.pngChildrenofgaia.pngRaven Incredibly affectionate, but I worry that you are overcompensating.
Kinfolk.pngFianna.pngTeagen Don't get caught up with the wrong crowd.
Kinfolk.pngGlasswalkers.pngVicky She's got 99 troubles.
Shadowlords.pngWhitethunder You are dangerously close to losing yourself in hatred.
Silentstriders.pngSahael You give yourself too little credit.
Blackspiraldancers.pngFrancis Nothing personal. May you remember yourself.


Ghoul.pngBrujah.pngSilvana You look way too young to own a casino.
KJ.pngMeilin And you, to own a tea house.
Mage.pngCross You look like you kick arse for the Lord!