Character Generation/Demon

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Choose concept, House, faction, Nature and Demeanor

Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 7/5/3 5
Abilities 13/9/5 2
Lores 3 (in-house or common) 7 (in-house or common)
Backgrounds 5 1
Faith 3 6
Torment by House
Devil, Devourer, Slayer: 4
Defiler, Fiend, Malefactor, Scourge: 3
Virtues 1 in each + 3 2
Willpower equal to sum of two highest virtues 1
Path Rating (Humanity) equal to Conscience + Self-Control 1
Freebies 15

You can never raise a lore higher than your primary lore, which is determined by your apocalyptic form. (DtF 170) Raising another lore equal to your primary lore is OK.

Virtues: Conscience, Conviction, Courage