Character Generation/Kuei-jin

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Choose concept, Chi Balance, Direction, Dharma, Nature, P'o Nature, Demeanor, Wu, Court, Cause of Death

Compare your Yin and Yang virtues Chi Balance
Yin is 3+ higher Yin Imbalanced
Yin is 2 higher Yin
Yin is 1 higher Balanced
Equal Balanced
Yang is 1 higher Balanced
Yang is 2 higher Yang
Yang is 3+ higher Yang Imbalanced

If Chi Balance is imbalanced, then pick a derangement (KotE 139)

Direction: North, West, Center, South, East


  • P'o (The Howl of the Devil-Tiger)
  • Hun (The Way of the Resplendent Crane)
  • Yin (The Song of the Shadow, aka Bone Flowers)
  • Balance (The Path of a Thousand Whispers)
  • Yang (The Dance of the Thrashing Dragon)

P'o Nature: Bandit, Barbarian, Deceiver, Demon, Fool, Legalist, Monkey, Slave

Attributes: 7/5/3

Abilities: 13/9/5

Backgrounds: 5 (includes Horoscope, Jade Talisman, Artifact, Nushi, Rites; Generation and Status are disallowed)

Disciplines: 3 (1 Demon Art, 2 others)

Rate Chi Virtues:

  • Yin: 1
  • Yang: 1
  • Distribute 4 more points in chi virtues

Soul Virtues:

  • Hun: 1
  • P'o: 3

Willpower: = Hun
Dharma Rating: 1

Freebies: 15

  • Yin + Yang cannot exceed 10
  • Hun + P'o cannot exceed 10
  • Spending freebies on Hun also raises Willpower
  • Willpower must end up at 5 or more
  • Demon Arts cannot exceed P'o (not that you have that many freebies in any case)

Freebie Costs:

  • Attribute: 5
  • Ability: 2 (we do not use Martial Arts)
  • Discipline: 10
  • Background: 1
  • Chi Virtue: 3
  • Hun: 3
  • P'o: 1
  • Willpower: 1

Yin Chi: = Yin (initially)
Yang Chi: = Yang (initially)
Demon Chi: = P'o (initially)

Disallowed merits:

  • Berserker, Dual Nature, True Faith, Misplaced Heart, Efficient Digestion, Ghoul (duh)
  • Eat Food (all Kuei-jin effectively have this)
  • Baby Face (all Yang Kuei-jin effectively have this, all Yin Kuei-jin are incapable of this)
  • Unbondable (all Kuei-jin are already immune to the Blood Bond)

Disallowed flaws: Light Sensitive, Selective Digestion, Thin-Blooded