Character Generation/Mage

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Choose Concept, Tradition (Convention for Technocrats), Essence, Nature, Demeanor

  • Faction should be Traditions, Technocracy, Wyrm (for Nephandi), or None
  • Tradition mages may also set Type (e.g. Reality Hacker)
  • Technocrats may also set Methodology (e.g. Genegineer)

Attributes: 7/5/3

Abilities: 13/9/5

Backgrounds: 7

Set Arete = 1, Willpower = 5, Quintessence = Avatar

Spheres: 6

  • Tradition mages should have at least 1 dot in their Tradition's specialty sphere
  • Hollow Ones and Orphans still get a total of 6 dots baseline. (MtA 90: "Some Orphans, especially Hollow Ones, have no specialty sphere." Emphasis added.)

Freebies: 15

Set +notes for paradigm and foci

  • If someone ICly asked you how you perform magick, and you answered honestly and reasonably completely, what would you say?
  • Guide to the Traditions pages 58-65 has suggestions
  • Nephandi: Why do you believe the world should be destroyed?

Select Resonance Trait(s)

  • Essence = Dynamic: at least one Resonance Trait should be of type Dynamic
  • Essence = Pattern: at least one Resonance Trait should be of type Static
  • Essence = Primordial: at least one Resonance Trait should be of type Entropic
  • Essence = Questing: Resonance Trait(s) can be any of the above types
  • Your Resonance Trait should not literally be "Dynamic", it should be a more specific adjective whose type is Dynamic (or whatever) - see above link for examples

Freebie Costs:

  • Attribute: 5
  • Ability: 2
  • Secondary Ability: 1
  • Sphere: 7
  • Background: 1
  • Arete: 4 (Max 3)
  • Willpower: 1
  • Quintessence: 1 for 4 dots