Character Generation/Mage Familiars

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Reference: Forged by Dragon's Fire 87-89

  • Ignore the examples on pages 90-93, they're not necessarily built right
  • Ignore the XP chart on page 93, we haven't been using it

Choose Concept, Nature, Type

Type: Animal, Bygone, Construct, Elemental, Undead

  • Bygone: Quintessence Grazing free
  • Construct: no natural healing, immune to poison and disease, Soak Lethal free
  • Elemental: Quintessence Grazing free
  • Undead: Soak Lethal and one level of Resilience free

Some familiars cause vulgar-with-witnesses Paradox if seen by a sleeper:

  • Bygone
  • Construct, if obviously beyond mundane technology
  • Elemental
  • Undead

Attributes: 1 in each (except Appearance) plus 5/3/1

  • Undead can move the first dot from Charisma to another attribute

Abilities: 7/5/3

Willpower: 3

Essence: 1

Freebies: background level * 10

  • Attribute: 5
  • Ability: 2
  • Willpower: 2 (not 1)
  • Essence: 1
  • Charms (general or type): level
Type Name Level Notes
General Aggravated Damage 5 1 Essence
General Armor 3/4/5 +1 vs bashing/lethal/agg, can be bought multiple times
General Bad Luck Curse 3 1 Essence; roll Willpower, each success replaces one of target's successes with a 1
General Claws/Teeth 2 Str+1 lethal, can be bought twice for both
General Countermagic 5 1 die, mage shares it if physically touching, can be bought multiple times
General Flight 2 3+Dex yards/turn
General Healing 5 heal someone else: 1 Essence for 1 bashing/lethal, 2 Essence for 1 agg
General Hide 1 take cover and remain quiet/still, +3 diff on search rolls to spot/find it
General Illuminate 1 can read by it
General Invisibility 5 1-2 Essence, lasts the scene, 1 = ends on physical/social interaction with someone besides the mage
General Large 2 +1 Bruised health level
General Luck 4 1 Essence, mage re-rolls and must accept the new result
General Paradox Nullification 5 1 per session, can be bought multiple times
General Quintessence Grazing 7 can draw 1 Quint/day from a node or 1 Quint/week scrounging, free for Bygones and Elementals
General Read and Write 1 multiple languages requires Linguistics, may be limited by its physical form
General Resilience 3 +1 Bruised health level; can be bought multiple times, up to double original health levels; one level free for Undead
General Soak Lethal 3 free for Constructs and Undead
General Soak Aggravated 2 prerequisite: Soak Lethal
General Speech 1 multiple languages other than spirit speech require Linguistics
General Speed 2 N Essence, double speed N times for scene, must rest N hours afterward
General Spirit Gossip 3 Cha/Man + Intimidation/Etiquette/etc., takes 1 turn to 1 hour
General Telekinesis 3 requires concentration (no other actions), 1 Essence per 30 pounds
General Telepathy 3 anyone in sensory range, regardless of language; no attacks or distractions
General Venom 1/3/5 reflex after successful attack; 1 per hour plus 1 per Essence spent; 1 = Stamina vs 7 or 2 levels of unsoakable bashing (1 day to heal without medical or magic care); 2 = Stamina vs 8 or 3 (3 days); 3 = Stamina vs 7 or 3 and check again next turn, repeat until you succeed or die (3 days)
Animal Darksight 2 no penalties for complete darkness
Animal Entrancement 3 1 Essence, eye contact, target resists with Willpower (diff = familiar's Willpower), target still reacts if attacked or deliberately distracted
Animal Fear 4 1 Essence per target, target resists with Willpower (diff = familiar's Willpower), fail = lose action for 1 turn and +1 diff to everything for 10 turns
Animal Night Vision 1 no penalties for low light, normal penalties for complete darkness
Animal Sharp Sense 1 allows e.g. tracking by smell
Animal Tracking 1 need resonance sample or Prime 2 Mind 2 to reproduce it, Perception + Alertness
Bygone Firebreath 5 1 Essence, cone 10 feet long by 3 wide, Dexterity + Melee, 2 levels of agg
Bygone Illusions 7 1 Essence for large rock, 3 for giant prancing dragon; Intelligence + Enigmas or physical contact to see through the illusion
Bygone Insubstantial 7 1 Essence, lasts the scene, cannot touch or be touched
Bygone Swallow 4 twice its body weight per day, must fit through its mouth, shunted into Umbra
Construct Chill Object 1 requires concentration, 1 Essence for -20 F down to freezing, max once per turn
Construct Control Electrical Systems 5 1 Essence per object, Wits + Technology
Construct Cyberpresence 3 can manifest in Digital Web (in its usual physical form) and use abilities
Construct Encryption Software 2 requires physical connection, 2 dots of Computer per Essence spent (up to double original ability), +1 diff to break in
Construct Heat Object 2 requires concentration, 1 Essence for +20 F, max once per turn
Construct Jack In 2 go online, requires cell phone signal
Construct Shock 5 1 Essence, 10 feet in straight line, Dexterity + Melee, 2 levels of agg
Elemental Create Element 3 matching its type, 5 square feet per Essence spent, duration depends on conditions
Elemental Elemental Immunity 3 matching (not opposite) its type, e.g. salamanders are immune to fire
Elemental Engulf 4 same as Swallow for Bygones
Elemental Insubstantial 7 same as Insubstantial for Bygones
Elemental Shapeshift 7 1/2/3 Essence for same size / larger / much larger, lasts the scene, cannot go against type
Undead Ancient Knowledge 3 same as Spirit Gossip but includes ghosts
Undead Fear 4 same as Fear for Animals
Undead Insubstantial 7 same as Insubstantial for Bygones
Undead Invigorate 5 +1 to an attribute per Essence spent, lasts the scene
Undead Wither 4 Dexterity + Brawl, 1 level of unsoakable bashing per Essence spent


  • Immobile (5)
  • Tiny (2) - smaller than a housecat; Bruised -1, Injured -1, Mauled -2, Crippled -5, Incapacitated