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For less common types, see bottom of page

  • First Life: your tem-akh's original existence in ancient Egypt
  • Second Life: your modern life before death
  • Third Life: your modern life after death

Choose Concept, Nature, Demeanor, Amenti, Hamartia, Inheritance

Amenti Translation Tem-akh Purpose Primary hekau path
Kher-minu Tomb Watcher Ka The Defender Self Amulets
Khri-habi Scroll-bearer Ba The Bird Self Alchemy
Mesektet Night Sun Sahu The Eternal Self Celestial
Sakhmu Spirit Scepter Khu The Shining Self Effigy
Sefekhi Unbandaged One Khaibit The Shadow Self Necromancy
Udja-sen Judged One any
  • Concept: Who you were/are in your Second/Third Life
  • Hamartia: Failing in your Second Life that your tem-akh filled; similar to Regret for wraiths
  • Inheritance: Who your tem-akh was in your First Life

Attributes: 6/4/3 +2

Abilities: 11/7/4 +5 (+5 can raise above 3)

Balance: 1

Hekau: 3, including at least 1 in Amenti's primary path (see above)

  • Amulets, Alchemy, Celestial, Effigy, Necromancy, Nomenclature
  • No path can exceed Balance
  • One free spell or ritual at each hekau level

Backgrounds: 5

  • Arcane, Ba, Companion, Ka, Legacy, Memory, Vessel, Tomb
  • Teomallki: Memory is common but not required, Lesser Resurrection is not required (MPG 73-74 takes precedence over MtR 222)
  • Wu T'ian: High Mentor is uncommon, Ka is not allowed but you still get the "incorruptible" benefits from level 0 (MtR 225, 65)

Willpower: 5

Sekhem: equal to Balance; if you have a Vessel, use a +mysheet counter for it

Freebies: 15, including at least 5 on attributes, abilities, backgrounds, and/or Willpower

Things you should know about your character (pages 71-73)

  • How did you die, and what kind of impact did your death have on you?
  • How did you reach the Lands of Faith?
  • Who performed the Great Rite for you?
  • Who taught you?
  • How do you see your duty to Osiris and Ma'at?
  • How do you deal with the mortal world?
  • What do you believe?

Freebie Costs:

  • Attribute: 5
  • Ability: 2
  • Hekau: 5
  • Background: 1
  • Balance: 4 (cannot exceed total of 3 in chargen)
  • Ritual: 1
  • Spell: 1
  • Willpower: 1
  • House rule: Willpower cannot exceed 8 in chargen
  • House rule: Sekhem cannot be raised with freebies

Capacocha / Teomallki

Use Direction instead of Balance

Suyu Translation Primary hekau path
Chaskimallki Word Bearers Respiro (MPG 134)
Intimallki Sun Spears Saudade (MPG 128)
Pachamallki Stone Pillars Sarandu (MPG 121)
Uchumallki Smoke Dancers Alitu (MPG 117)

Wu T'ian

Use Quest instead of Balance

Wu T'ian Translation Purpose Primary hekau path
Wu Feng Family of the Phoenix The Vibrant Self Feng Tan (MPG 139)
Xian Lung Immortal Dragons The Resilient Self Lung Tan (MPG 146)


Cabiri etc. are treated as equivalent to Egyptian mummies for purpose of chargen mechanics