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An extremely well-traveled Black Fury Galliard from Texas, Charlene has wandered her way to this neck of the woods. After her first change and training, the girl took her duties as a Galliard to heart, starting on what she called her Grand Tour. Starting in Texas, she started following a meandering route that took her from her small town roots, across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland, England, most of Western Europe and North Africa for six months or so before heading back across to the Eastern states, up through the northern ones and Canada, then down through the West coast to California where she finds herself, inexplicably tied to a Sept that she had no real intent of joining.

This is okay in her book, mind you. She's got a house, friends, family, and some people to watch out for while she watches out for them.


Growing up in Texas is tough when you don't know you're a Garou. The classic 'lost cub,' Charlene's first change happened when someone bashed her in the head and tried to throw her into the trunk of a car in an ill-thought out kidnapping attempt. The remains of the shredded vehicle were, thankfully, covered up by the local Garou who were surprised to find Charlene with no kinfetch attached. After a bit of time to discover what moon she was, a small conflict sprung up when the local Black Furies decided Charlene would be the perfect fit for their tribe and, without waiting for the upcoming moot, stole her away from the caern to put her through training, much to the Get of Fenris's chagrin. This led to her cub name 'Stolen by Furies.' Riting happened, then travel. And learning. Lots of travel. Lots more learning. And now she's here.

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Werewolf.pngSoft Garou, Warm Garou, Big Ball of Fur. Happy Garou, Sleepy Garou, Grr Grr Grr. Mostly.
Kinfolk.png Not just a source for more Garou, the Kinfolk are the way that we get things done without freaking people out.
Mage.png Only dealt with a few of these. Seem to be okay, as long as they're not defiling caerns.
Changeling.png Who would have thought fairy tales had a kernel of truth in them? Never met a bad one, but have met a few fools.
Mortal.png Innocents in a war that they don't know is even happening.


Blackspiraldancers.png The bad guy. The enemy. The reason we fight.
Vampire.png Dead things that have their own agenda. Sometimes they can be reasoned with. Most of the time they can't.


Wraith.png Only met one ghost before. Nice lady.
Demon.png Only met one demon before. Nice guy, aside from the utter evil sensations.

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Rumors and Friends (In alphabetical order! Feel free to comment or add yourself here)












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Rank: Adren (3)
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Black Furies
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Caregiver
Date of First Change: 21 April 2009
Rite Name: Song of Vengeance
Pack: None
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue








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RP Hooks
  • Texan - This girl grew up in Central Texas. She wears boots and a Cowboy hat every day, and feels out of uniform if she's not wearing jeans and a button-down T-shirt. She has the accent, although it comes and goes from time to time.
  • Blacksmith - There's something about a gal who can work with her hands, and Charlene's one of those sorts. She has a workshop set up near her house with a couple of good anvils and a forge, allowing her to make pretty much anything one might want out of iron, steel, or the like. Fae may want to stay away from this room, due to all the iron filings bouncing around. Lessons available.
  • Wood Worker - Steel isn't the only thing Charlene works with, and Sawdust is cooler than glitter. Another section of her workshop has woodworking tools - enough for just about anything she'd desire to make. So far, it's mainly handles for knives and the like - and one good collapsible bow - but she could probably do a chair or something.
  • Guitar Player - One thing that always accompanied Charlene on her wandering, aside from her hat, was her guitar. It's a great way to make money, instantly forms a tenable connection across language barriers, and helps her to relax when things get a bit hairier than usual.
  • Storyteller - Galliard? You betcha. Charlene learns stories the way water soaks into a sponge, and she has no sign of slowing down any time soon. Need to know something about an ancestor? Charlene might know it. Need a tale to spur your characters to greater acts of heroism? There's a story for that. Mostly Fury and Get stories, though, although in her travels she's picked up deeds from just about every sept and tribe.
  • Well-Travelled - Charlene has been to three continents. If you have a Garou or other sort and need an 'in,' you could always arrive and say you know Charlene since, well, she's been a lot of places.

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