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Friends and Family
Euthanatos "We understand the cycles that define life and realize that Death is not what most people make of it. A good death is something that heals even as it cuts."
Mage.png "We see the world for what it could be, not what it should be. We make it in the image of our minds."
Hollowones.png "You think you get it. You miss the point entirely."
Mokole.png "My family was born from the depths of the Nile, and to that holy water I shall return."
Kinfolk2.png "We all have our place in the cycle."
Everyone Else
Wyrm.png "Disgusting, you pollute the world sowing chaos and pain, muddying the pattern."
Vampire.png "All I know I read from Dracula."
Werewolf.png "I haven't met any, though I've heard the stories."
Changeling.png "Oh, please, what's next, leprechauns?"
Demonlogo.png "So, what ripples do your kind make?"