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You know truth is in your veins. No one sees your true self until you wear the bleeding mask of pain. Open up. Your body is your temple. Plunder it.

It started with cutting. You got dumped or got fat or got jacked, and in the middle of the night you went into the kitchen and got the knife, or to the bathroom for one of your dad's razors.
You started small. Little cuts on the inside of your thighs. Slices on your upper arms. Cuts on your chest.
Cutting put you in control. You knew you had one true thing: the reality of your body, of your dominion over your own flesh. It wasn't suicide. IT WAS THE OPPOSITE. There isn't a word for what it was.
That smug fuck at the hospital cheerfully said it was a coping mechanism. He wanted to explain it away, put you in a support group, introduce you to other cutters. He didn't get it. Neither did they.
Some people grow out of cutting. You grew into it. You did it when you didn't have to. Sometimes the blood ran and you spoke in a voice that wasn't your own. A voice of power.
You learned to use that voice. You found you could cut your skin without blades. You could open up on command. You speak in the voice of power all the time now and no longer know what your old voice sounded like.
You are strong now. Not weak. Not dumped or fat or jacked. You are everyone you never imagined you could be.
The central paradox of Chrissie's belief system is that it creates from destruction, builds identity from self-destruction..
Skinner Paradigm


Name: Crystal Avuerno
Date of Birth: June 24th
Apparent Age: Eighteenish
Occupation: It's complicated
Demeanor: Waif

Tradition: Orphan
Paradigm: Epideromancy
Cabal: None

Soundtrack: Out Here All Night

Get Your Body Beat
Beautiful People

Notable Stats: Arete: ● ● ● ○ ○

Stamina: ● ● ● ● ●
Crafts: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Medicine: ● ● ● ●

  • Chicago: Chrissie is from Chicago. She was born and raised in one of the lower-class areas of the city. Her dad was an abusive drunk of a failed writer, and her mother was a pill-popping whore. Not a prostitute...just a whore.
  • Self-Harm: She didn't grow out of cutting, she grew into it. What started as an escape became her source of power. Her freedom. Her Paradigm.
  • Body Mod: To say that Chrissie is good is an understatement. If she was well-known she'd be seen as one of the best modders in the world, if not THE best. Ink, piercings, scarification...whatever.
  • Unemployed: She is currently without a job, and barely scraping by on some stolen funds.
  • Awakened: She's Awakened, but is still learning about the Traditions and the Technocracy.
  • Committed: She spent a few of her adolescent years locked up...and she doesn't really like to talk about it.
  • Epideromancy: Chrissie learned her personal Paradigm from a Cabal of Orphans out in Chicago known as the Skinners. She was trained by a master Mage and total beast known as The Freak. Now she's being hunted by them.
  • Skid Row: She may have a place, but she's barely getting by. She doesn't even have a High School diploma. Want to set her on the right path? How about the wrong one?
  • Thrall: Chrissie is the Thrall of a Devourer by the name of Aleshenkal. He's a Cryptic, leaning towards Luciferan. He lives back in Chicago, but has her running errands for him in sunny So Cal since she had to get out of Illinois with a quickness.
  • Logs: Crystal is often times a part of things. Click here for a list of them.



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