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Christina Parker

Christina has a Doctorate in biology, with a Masters in bio-chemistry and a Bachelors in Robotics. Aside from this, she also has an EMT certification, and has passed a military Life Savers course.

After graduating High School she went immediately to a School of Technology and studied automation and robotics programming. She didn't stand out in any way, except that she studied medical practices in her spare time, citing a wish to make safeguards to prevent malpractice with remotely operated surgical tools.

Upon her graduation she took up an unexpected interest in biology, mathematics and engineering. She took courses on the subject until her school canceled her program to make room for newer students.

Christina disappeared entirely from almost all records from 2010 until October of 2013, with several commendations on her resume from NASA and Intelsat. one of the largest private satellite companies in operation through that period of time.

She now currently makes a small retainer from Intelsat and has been noted placing several applications, as well as applying for research grants for extremophile life forms, and invasive species.

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Mage "I can understand your predicament and your trepidations, but this battle is over. One of us has a clear plan, a means to accomplish it, and the world on board with us. Please stop wasting resources on a pointless battle and start helping!"
Werewolf "An amazing genetic adaptation to evolutionary pressures scarcely understood. Have yet to see a living specimen, but can't help but feel we can learn much of use for them."
Mortal "We aren't putting microchips in you with vaccinations! Stop allowing yourselves to incubate highly infectious diseases! Errr except a few of you. We are kind of tracking you yes, but we're going to track you anyway, please at least stop spreading diseases as well."
The Restless Dead "Residual energies maintaining engrams of the originator. Fascinating subjects. If only one woulf follow me to the lab to prove if they're sentient."
Brick- A legend, in the flesh so to speak. Everything we work for. Who cares if he's not exactly normal, we deal with stranger things every day. If I'm in the field I can't think of anyone I'd rather have making sure I didn't mess everything up.

Fiona- I've just realized places I have put my hands... I am uncertain how to feel about this.

Horatio- I miss you, but I'm glad you're happy.

Charity- Interesting. Still unsure of this talk of mysteries destroyed by being solved. If we can understand a puzzle fully we can make new ones, right?

Sentinel- Beautiful.

Basil- Amazingly well adapted survivor and possessed of a mind set at least I can comprehend and identify with. Then again your home environment isn't much different from mine.

Lazarus- A most unexpected development. I'm surprised we get along so well despite differences in methodology and temperament.

Gerald- I should... probably call you.

Whiskey- Good riddance.

November- I didn't do it.

Aileen- I probably shouldn't talk to you, but even I know sometimes isolation is not healthy. We aren't enemies, I hope you'll see that soon.

Bliss- If only more of the locals were like this. She'd fit in great back home and be a good asset. Almost tempted to make the offer.

Carter- Perplexing at times. Still can talk with him without worrying about any more "Corrective Behavior" sessions.

Vance- Thank you for taking all the social aggro.

Era- Amazingly open for an extra-dimensional being, if he is still active when we can start a confederation maybe he would like to join. Until then he is an entertaining puzzle, even if his abilities are somewhat alarming.

Ferdinand- Another I seem to have insulted unknowingly. Maybe our viewpoints are just too far separated.

Velok-*Stunned silence, blushing.*

Connel-*stunned silence, nose bleed, flee.*

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Parker after spending a little too much time in the field.

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Date of Birth: May 8th, 1982
Age: 31
Nationality: American
Occupation: On retainer. Applying for research grants.
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor Investigator
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112lbs
Eyecolour: Light Blue
Hair Colour: Black

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RP Hooks

While she doesn't love tech in that way exactly, she is still always interested in new gadgets and toys. If you have something neat, she'll pester you as politely as she can with questions about it.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

While she is useless in almost every social situation, she has extensive emergency training. The second bullets fly and someone is hurt, training kicks in and she will exfiltrate wounded, stop bleeding, stabilize patients and arrange transportation to a medical center.

No Doctors

Christina either doesn't know or care that there is a reason police search hospitals for wounded. If an injured person demands not to be taken to a hospital she will treat them herself... after noting she is not a doctor of medicine.

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Lab photo.jpg

Typical photo of Parker in the lab... and a good reason no one talks with her much.

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