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Chullain Fionn



Full Name:Chullain Fionn
Date of Birth:March 17th 2015
Eye Colour:Emerald Green
Hair Colour:Ginger
Photo Reference:Pablo Schrieber


Noteable Stats

Pure Breed:Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngFlitebludot.png


Wyld Touched:Flitebludot.pngFlitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.pngElitebludot.png


  • Annie : Met her at the fair folks market, She called me Chull Bear. Not sure wha' to make of the lass just yet.
  • Bronwyn : Beautiful confusion wrapped in chaos.
  • Cari: Fianna kin and Sidhe, And a good damn lass.
  • Charlene : Texas barbecue, Enough said.
  • Connor: Pack Alpha and Fellow Fiann, A good sort.
  • Cynthia : What.. in the fuck.
  • Dominic : Not sure wha' you did to make the lass angry but best to be careful, She hits like one o' us.
  • Kelli : Teaching me more n more about two legs and their ways.
  • Liam : Da' to wee klem and Tara, Mate to Revi.. Makes a mean bacon.. Mhm.. Bacon.
  • Lucas: Pack Brother
  • Nascha : Great things await the lass, I want her bloody fucking tree.
  • Quinn : she ate that burning heart out of his hand.
  • Revi : Colorful n small but full o' surprises. Don't.. poke the side. But really? A day without bacon, The fuck is tha' lass..
  • Rhea: A good kin that's useful in many ways.
  • Seong-ming: The fox, curious but so am I.
  • Solara : No.. fucking clue..
  • Sirenna: Like me she walks paths unknown, And her gift to me shall ne'er be forgotten.
  • Tara : M'Bacon friend, Fuck with the wee lass and I will shit kick ya to silver Tara and beyond.
  • Vesta : She got the pups here, Can't thank her enough for tha'.. And is helping me find a spot o' land for m'other kin and folk.
  • Yuri : Interesting lad, Only met him a few times.


Masculinity, virility and the wildness of nature are embodied in the great Stag, patron totem of the Fianna tribe.
In twilight he walks a trail through the deep forests of the Umbra; his path divides light from dark, wild from tame,
and living from dead. He leads the Wild Hunt as both its prince and its prey. Stag sometimes sends his avatar to guide
lost Garou deeper into a primal understanding of Gaia.

  • 6 - base (+3 Willpower per story, +3 Survival, +1 Stamina for long-distance running, +3 temp Honor, Fianna and changelings are generally friendly)
  • 2 - -2 diff Brawl
  • 1 - -1 diff Melee
  • 1 - totem can communicate with Chullain without Spirit Speech gift



Glabro Description

Coming to a height of six feet and six inches tall and weighing in at just over three hundred and thirty pounds some might find this man to have a rather imposing figure given his solid build and his height. The man built as the old phrase goes like a brick shithouse.

Hair of red normally left unruly atop his head for the moment is actually tied back by a strip of black leather securing it back. The bundled hair falling between his shoulder blades and just barely brushing his back.

Chullain's features are ones that show good genetic stock from what can be glimpsed of them, though perhaps the feature that stands out the most are his eyes. His eyes of emerald green seem to near shift to startling blue depending on his emotions. A thin band of gold showing around the edge of his iris. Those depths miss nothing as they seem to carry within them an almost primal energy just beneath the surface.

Chullain's cheeks hold definition to them just above the fullness of the man's beard that for one reason or another has actually seen some trimming revealing his full lips and the smile that often can be found gracing the tiered flesh. That beard kept at least somewhat nicely trimmed ending near the top of his chest.

Currently Chullain is dressed more for function than fashion as if he could even afford such things given the clothing he does wear. A battered leather jacket worn that looks to have been through the ringer once or twice in the past, The jacket left unzipped revealing a slightly torn and faded black shirt that reads across the front [ansi(g,I'm Magically Delicious!). Around the man's waist a black belt with small rivets showing across the surface is worn holding up a pair of torn and faded blue jeans. Small rips showing here and there across them. The jeans brushing the tops of a pair of old combat boots. Strength 6-Appearance 4-Pure Breed 5-Changelings eyes

Roleplay Hooks

  • The Emerald Isle!: Chullain comes from Ireland though where exactly the man generally seems to refuse to answer. He tends to favor places with themes and reminders of home.
  • Do wolves dream?: Chullain is Kinain to the Clurichaun or as others might commonly know them the Leprechauns.
  • World of Wonders!: Chullain is as curious of things in his human form as he is in his natural lupus form at times. Curiousity Flaw
  • Exploring new things!?: With a world of new sensations and things to explore Chullain often has a hard time turning down new things. Sensation Junky Flaw
  • Warrior for Gaia: Chullain is an Ahroun who is willing to spill blood and have his blood be spilled for Gaia.
  • Heroic Heritage: The Irishman comes from a heritage of heroes. Pure Breed 5: Fianna
  • Friend to the Fair Folk: Beyond his ties to the clurichaun the man feels a sense of duty to help protect the fair folk from those that would harm them given his ties to their world and their kind.
  • Gleann Fionn: Chullain calls Gleann Fionn home, A newly obtained family farm outside of Prospect near the foothills bordering the forest.
  • Wyld Touched: Strange and wonderful is the wyld, And it's touch is known by the Fiann. It's strange beauty not lost upon the lupus born.
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