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"When this beautiful cult of desire
has left you for dead
isolation will cradle the lies
of things left unsaid "
-- The Tea Party

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Mage "If we could only work together, imagine the things that we could do."
Changeling "Some dreams are worth pursuing."
Mortal "Seize the moment before others seize it for you."
Vampire "Okay, you're dead, that doesn't mean that you have to stop living."
Werewolf "Imagine."
Demon "Have faith, will travel."

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== Presently in my life: ==

Grace: Tinyheart.png From the beginning of time, to the end, and back again.

Carolyn: We seem to keep missing each other.

Caelina: A new friend. Thanks for helping me out recently.

Charity: The best buns in the city.

Cherazart: Your heartbreak will heal.

Clara: We have more in common than we thought.

Ferdinand: Adventure awaits!

Gwydion: We've met in passing on a couple of occasions now. Next time we should go and have a beer.

Kato: You let me crash without burning. Friend.

Kaylah: Anytime you need someone to talk to...

Keris: A wise man with a wicked wit.

Kenna: An unexpected connection.

Uriel: A good man.

Yarden: You are magic.

From the past:

Brick: I'd like to think that you're out there doing something crazy and fun.

Milavalka: A Raggety-Ann that juggles. Life still offers the occasional surprise.

Nienna: You are a mystery. And seem destined to remain one.

Rylee: We keep meeting under the strangest circumstances. Or used to.

Shandalynn: Sister? Twin?? We need to catch up! When you you return.

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Race Mage
Tradition: Cult Of Ecstasy
Occupation: Dancer/Artist/Shit-Disturber
Apparent Age: Early to Mid-Twenties
Height: Six Feet

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