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"Give the children an opportunity to make garden. Let them grow what they will. It matters less that they grow good plants than that they try for themselves." ~Liberty Hyde Bailey

"Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll." ~Author Unknown

"If home is where the heart is, then a raptor's home is behind the breast bone of its next kill" ~Author Unknown

"Verily, doth she weigh too much,
She scorneth the knavely lure and in pursuit of herne,
She covets the heavens and soars on high,
What care she for her master cast so low,
When all before her is her own heart's delight?
Come, let us sit upon the ground and whisper lightly,

~Mattspar circa 1542

Circe is now a NPC under Bren.

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Sister. I hope you figure out what you want to do, but until then, I'm glad to have your help with the birds. The family could use a good vet around the farm though, so don't wait too long to decide!
Cousin. Leader of the family. How does one describe someone who is the essence of goodness and family? That is what she is though.
Cousin. Fox Angel. Friend. Truly amazing what he can do, what he has become. And if anyone says differently, I'll kick them in the knee!
Cousin. Giant. The gentle one. My mountain rock, my closest friend. Thank you for being you, and letting me be me.
Cousin! My fellow prankster! I'm so happy you are home finally! Let the fun begin! *cue evil laughter* Besides that, it's good to fall back into an old routine given new life...... and now you are gone again. I miss you. Don't make me get on a plane and smack you.
Protector. You made promises you did not keep, and now you wish my forgiveness. Time will tell if love can conqueror all.
Sister-in-law. I saw how happy you made my brother, and glad you have decided to come here to Prospect with the twins. I missed both you and them. I hope that you will find something to make you happy here. Even if it is not on the farm.
Dog. Smartass. Still, can't deny that he's not without his good points. If nothing else, he tends to cut things down to the bone and lays things out in a way you can't ignore them.
Cousin. Number man. I'm glad he is good with them, because they are over my head at times.
Computer guy. Don't know him as well as others, but he's family. And good with computers. Which is good for me.
We haven't had much time to really get re-acquainted, but hopefully that will change.
Cat. You are a queen, and Ramsey loves you very much. I hope things continue to work out for the two of you.
Protector. You seem to wish the family happiness, and have helped me here and there. You sing so well, though surely, to have us females always fall asleep around you must be hard on the ego? Just a little?
She's good with the public. I wish I was.
Pup. Wolf. You have quite the path to travel ahead of you.
Warder. Another returning from beyond the farm. I enjoy your company, and hope that life back on the farm will make you happy.
Wolf. Dog. He's got much to learn, but it's nice to have another cousin return home. I think he'll keep Rocky busy to some degree. And my sister.
Ghost. Just when you think Samhain is over with, you find yourself talking with an ancestor.
Mermaid. Ancestor. Many-times-removed Grandmother. I cannot believe you are here in Prospect. I have seen your pictures, heard the stories back home, and now you are here. For me. I am touched beyond measure.


Unicorn. Lancelot's friend. You are so beautiful, and your tale somewhat known to me. May your life soon be returned to your control.

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RP Hooks
She's another of those crazy odd Moonhavens that live out on the commune.
  • Falconry/Hawking
Recent news suggests that Circe is the only one in the area who raises falcons and hawks for hunting sport. She's licensed for keeping, training, and selling them to others who are licensed.
  • Farmer
Circe helps tends the family farm, and may be approached about the extra vegetables that the family sells.

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Moonhaven Mews

Circe has four birds that are hers personally, and will be her initial breeding stock for her newly set up Mews. She will be specializing in smaller birds such as the kestrel and peregrines, branching out to other breeds in the near future. These birds will be trained and ready for the licensed falconer to enjoy for as long as they keep them.

OOC: For some interesting information on Falconry and Mews: The Modern Apprentice

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Race: Psychic
Full name: Circe Edana Moonhaven
Date of Birth: May 2, 1986
Nationality: American / Scottish
Occupation: Farmer / Falconer
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Follower
Affiliation: Moonhaven
Apparent Age: Late twenties
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 80lbs (on bad day with platform boots and winter coat on while soaking wet)

Sorcerer.png Moonhaven Faction Icon.png

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Notable Stats

Charisma : ☘ ☘ ☘
Appearance : ☘ ☘
Perception : ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘
Intelligence : ☘ ☘

Awareness : ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘
Empathy : ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘
Animal Training : ☘ ☘ ☘
Falconry : ☘ ☘ ☘
Linguistics : ☘ ☘ ☘
Occult : ☘ ☘ ☘

Merits ~ Flaws

  • Animal Magnetism: There's something about her, even with her average looks, that seems to draw a person's attention at times.
  • Green Thumb: She's certainly cut out for farming, the way that plants tend to thrive and bloom beneath her touch.
  • Bad Sight: Due to an accident, Circe's sight isn't the best, and she wears glasses at times when she remembers them.
  • Short: She sometimes blends in amongst the kids on the commune being as short as she is.

[ edit ]

Birth - Third child born to Lan and Myla Moonhaven, born in Prospect while the family visited from Scotland.

Age 1 - Myla is ill for a bit, and Circe is sent to Prospect to live with an aunt. She remains there more often than with her family in Scotland.
Age 10 - Discovers her love of falconry. Has to wait to apprentice.
Age 15 - Focuses on her psychic abilities to help the family.
Age 22 - Begins to study falconry again.
Age 23 - Goes to Scotland to begin formal apprenticeship to a Master Falconer, and to also spend time with her older brother, Alexander, and his wife, Ophelia, and their babies.
Age 25 - Finishes up her apprenticeship. Before her return home, she's attacked and injured. Eyesight damaged. Returns back to Prospect.
Age 26 - Home, helping on the family farm. Has recently opened Moonhaven Mews to sell hawks and falcons to those with licenses.

Anything else, find me on grid! :)

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Around Family

Circe has been known to be quite the prankster, so often overlooked by some because of her lack of height. But that just means she tends to be the ringleader amongst the older kids who often help her out with her pranks. Of course, this means the kids learn from her, and take glee in turning some pranks back on her. Since her return from Scotland, she's not pranked quite as much as she used too.

Circe can sometimes be the quiet wallflower, watching her family like her hawks, picking up details of relationships, feelings, etc. Once something is picked up on, you can count on Circe then seeking out a person and bluntly asking them what's up, or try to help them out. She's quite perceptive, and empathic, and often sees more than others. She's a caregiver at heart, always wanting her family happy, and if she can manage to help them find their happiness, then all the better.

Circe loves her family with all her heart and soul. While being part of such a huge family can sometimes be overwhelming, she tries to make everyone feel noticed and loved, especially on holidays and birthdays. Family would always find a handmade card delivered to their room or home with some small gift for their birthday, individualized for them specifically - not just another mass-produced card or gift. She doesn't call attention to them, and only smiles should she be thanked. It's just something she does so each and every member of the family would know they are special on that day to at least one person who hasn't forgotten in a family so big. :)

Around Outsiders

Circe used to love going into the city, if only to pick up some gossip, the odd vice item, to meet new people. And yet she never really wanted to stay in the city, preferring to return before long. She had a few contacts off the farm that she kept in touch with met at the library or clubs she looked into for falconry and such who help her now.

After her attack, however, she doesn't go into town much if she can help it, preferring to remain on the family farm. What few people she might speak with is met in the public offices at the front of the family farm. She tends to watch outsiders far closer than she did before, making some mental judgment before speaking with them.

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