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Claire Danforth

...I will tell you once again
this time understand that what I'm telling you
every single word is true...

- Unrest in the House of Light by The Protomen

Not Stats

Appearance Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Manipulation Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.png
Dexterity Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.png

Awareness Bluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Kenning Bluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Style Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Subterfuge Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Seduction Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Torture Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Gremayre Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png

Lore Changeling Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Lore Vampire Bluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Lore Garou Bluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png

Dross Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.png
Resources Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Title Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Prestige Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Remembrance Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Holdings Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Political Connections Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png

Contempt Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Delusion Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Pyretics Bluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png
Chicanery Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.png
Metamorphosis Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png

Willpower Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.png
Glamour Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.png
Banality Bluegem.pngBluegem.pngBluegem.pngRedgem.pngRedgem.png




Slipped Seeming


You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

It Wasn't Me

The Hounds


Cupcakes In My Basement

Walk Away from Light

Relevant Text


Irrelevant Things

Name: Claire Danforth
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 5' 7"
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Accent: Upper-class Brit
Profession: Dominatrix

Valgaraid: "You have a whip. Why do you have a whip?!"
L H Franzibald: "For Whipping."

- The Song of the Sorcelator, Part Three, Penny Arcade

Glorious Dawn

Claire was born in Camp Verde, Arizona, as the youngest of three daughters. Her family was reasonably well off, and she rarely lacked for anything while growing up. If anything, she may have been a little bit spoiled as a child, but she was definitely happy. She seemed so utterly innocent, and was quick to make friends. She certainly wasn't the one getting bullied in school; indeed, a lot of the 'bullies' seemed to be protecting her.


As she grew from a small child to a young woman, Claire's circle of friends just grew and grew. She was the popular one, the trendsetter, the queen bitch of the school. She was developing a somewhat dark, sinister streak at this stage, but almost nobody noticed; as far as outward appearances were concerned, she was a paragon of virtue, someone to look up to, someone to emulate. Still, earning her displeasure was often... unhealthy. Oh, she'd never lay hands on anyone herself, but she didn't have to. She had other people for that.


After graduating from highschool (with considerably higher grades than she technically should have gotten), Claire apparently grew restless. She'd do the whole college bit later, she'd say. She disappeared from time to time, generally with some excuse that was perfectly plausible but not actually true. She'd spend quite a lot of time travelling around Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas, with the occasional foray into California and Utah. Why, she'd either not say or just plain lie about. Her family thought she was trying to 'find herself'.

By now, Claire has moved to California, settling into Prospect. By day, she's a charming socialite; by night, a professional (if harsh) dominatrix. Or maybe, just maybe, she's something else entirely...

Nothing Fae-Related Here

Name: Iolhinn
Hair Color: Dark Blue
House: Ailil
Seelie Legacy: Gadfly
Unseelie Legacy: Cerenaic
Kith: Pooka (Bat)
Allegiance: Shadow Court
Title: Baroness

Change is good
Glamour is free
Honor is a lie
Passion before duty

The Unseelie Code

Gathering Shadows

War. War never changes, just ask Ron Perlman. It does change people, though. Back before the return of the Sidhe and the Accordance War, Iolhinn was just a commoner Pooka like any other - carefree and mischevious, without too much of a vicious streak... or perhaps she just hid it well. As war broke out, though, she took up arms along with her fellow commoners to defend the freedom they'd grown accustomed to. What exactly she did during the war is not public knowledge, but it wasn't pretty... war rarely is.

In Blackest Night

After the war, Iolhinn was left embittered towards the predominantly Seelie Houses that had led the invasion. The Night of Iron Knives had resulted in the permanent deaths of several long-time friends of hers; she'd only missed the fateful meeting herself due to being a prisoner of war at the time, having been captured by a group of Satyrs loyal to House Fiona a short time before. Little surprise, then, that she turned to the Unseelie houses after her release, marrying a noble of House Ailil and being absorbed into the nobility herself as a result. Now, a lifetime (and a dead husband) later, she's risen to the ranks of House Ailil's foremost diplomats and politicians, serving as an advocate of peaceful social progress... officially.

Where the Sun does not Shine

Ever since the eventual death of her Sidhe husband, now-Baroness Iolhinn has taken over custody of his Freehold. From her seat at the Court of Stars deep underground, she rules over the Barony of Starlit Caverns, a small but excessively wealthy Barony within the County of the Emerald Dale. Her hospitality is well-known, and any Kithain and Kinain is generally welcomed there... again, officially.

Don't Know These People

To Sleep, perchance to Dream
Roxanne D'Arte "As far as nazi war criminals go, she's not that bad. 'Just following orders', right?"
Alala Wells "For your benefit, every statement I make will contain exactly one lie, and it will be an obvious one. Now please stop accusing me of dishonesty, such slander is most unbecoming of a proper noblewoman. Not all Pooka are liars."
Dyson Wells "Mostly harmless."
Wake up, Crono
Aveline de Lampériere "Mine. All mine. Not yours. Mine."
Kyrie de Brocéliande "The early bird gets the worm. I stay up all night. You do the math."

No Comments

Primus Inter Pares
Ailil "Humble, honest and well-meaning, just like real dragons."
Leanhaun "These guys make great muses. The folks they inspire just explode with creativity!"
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Gwydion "A bit quick to come with baseless accusations, if you ask me. Clearly horrible judges of character."
Fiona "Keep up the good work! You're doing a great job so far. It must be great, being so universally loved."
Eiluned "Don't you think that's taking the whole Seelie thing a BIT too far?"
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
vamp "Sparkling in sunlight must be awfully embarrassing. Glitter doesn't look flattering on anyone."
technos "I put on my robe and wizard hat."
demon "So what was the skiing like down there?"
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur
Mortals "Let's face it: the gene pool could use a little chlorine. You know who you are."
mages "There *is* such a thing as too much sriracha."
kinain "Wasabi is *not* optional. Remember that, or apologize to your ancestors. In person."