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I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like victory.

Character Description

Clarence is a young black man, a touch on the lighter skinned side and possibly of mixed race heritage. Around 6 feet tall and a buck eighty, give or take a donut, he's slender but in great shape and quite solidly built. He wears his hair very long, the thick, curly black locks reaching down past his shoulder blades and framing his dark eyed face. He may once have been attractive, or at the very least average in appearance, although currently much of his face and neck is laced with angry, darker hued burn scars that make gaps in his eyebrows and the light fuzz of a goatee that he wears.

He dresses impeccably though in a distinctly street fashion. His clothes are immaculately clean; baggy knee length shorts in sunset orange and a spotless black teeshirt appear fresh from the store, his visible socks and black boots without a speck of dirt or a single scuff. At times he wears a baseball cap that appears just as brand new as everything else. He wears a bit of flashy jewelry; a few heavy gold chains around his neck, one with a rough obsidian pendant, a gold ring with a fire opal setting, a couple gold bracelets and one with a collection of yellow-white beads, as well as a couple diamond studs in one ear. He has his fair share of tattoos as well, black ink against dark skin making their shapes and letters hard to discern. They crawl over the side of his scarred neck, down his arms, a few visible on his calves, and there may be more under his clothes. A few of these art pieces are marred by old scars from any number of sources from his past.

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RP Hooks
Newbie McNooberton: He's new! Really new, as in just recently Awakened and found out about the world of Mages. He doesn't know a damned thing, but he's learning! His player's not completely unversed in Mage, but playing a newbie is a good way to better learn the sphere. Wanna teach him some stuff? Influence his way of thinking and being? I'm open to whatever's fun, and Clarence is a neutral, blank slate right now.

Gangs: Criminal/Gang influence 2 - Smokey's a known banger in the California area.

More to come as I think stuff up.

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Name: Clarence Jarome Whorly aka "Smokey"
Race: Mage
Tradition: Ain't none, son
Essence: Primordial
Resonance: Destructive (Entropic)
Age: Mid 20's
Nationality: Mostly black
Nature: Rogue
Demeanor: Thrill Seeker
Occupation: (Ex?) Gang banger
Played-By: Some dude with amazing hair that I found on Google

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Notable Stats
Merit: Mastery of Fire
You are considerably more resistant to damage from fire than most people, and you receive three extra dice to all Stamina rolls to resist damage caused by fire. You can soak fire damage normally. In addition, you also receive a one-point bonus on all magic rolls to create, destroy or manipulate fire.
Merit: Sphere Natural (Forces)
You only pay three-quarters of the normal cost (rounded down) when buying levels, rituals and similar improvements for magic of that Sphere alone. The favored Sphere must be declared at character creation, and it may be purchased only once.

Flaw: Addiction 2: Cigarettes
If, for whatever reason, you are denied access to the drug, you lose the number of dice equal to the level of your addiction until you receive your "fix." If you are deprived of the drugs for an extended length of time, you will be forced to make a Willpower check (difficulty of 4 for the first day, + 1 for each additional day). If you fail, you will forgo everything and forcibly go seeking the drug.
Flaw: Psychic Vampire
Plants and insect life wither or die in your presence as you feed on their energies, and any person you touch for more than an hour will suffer one non-aggravated Health Level as you siphon away his life. Those already injured (including those whose Bruised Health Level has been sucked away) will not heal while in your presence. You can still be in the same building without harming someone, but sharing a bed is not possible unless you want the other person to slowly die. If you do not feed the emptiness within yourself at least once a day, you will begin to die. The rate at which you take wounds follows the progression for natural healing in reverse: you take a Health Level after one day, a second in three days, a third in a week, a fourth in a month, and, finally, one wound every three months.

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