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Let me make this abundantly clear. The world hates us, and I hate it. Fuck the seelie court, they're just gonna watch us die whilst posing tragically against the sunset. Fuck the unseelie, they've sold out and aren't putting up enough of a fight. Fuck the prodigals, banality got to them and they sure as hell aren't helping us. Fuck the humans, it's their fault we're in this mess. Fuck the world in general for doing this to us, and fuck you personally, if you aren't fighting back.

That's a whole lot of fuck, right? But you know who I mostly blame? Not the Sidhe, although this is their fault and I'd make them suffer like we did when the shattering hit if I could. But the Sidhe were just following orders. No, I blame the Tuatha de Danann for setting this whole mess up in the first place. What, you think this all worked out so well? You want to just sit back and be romantically drowned under the weight of disbelief?

This isn't a popular thing to say, but you know who wouldn't have let this happen? The Fomorians. No shit, really. And, I'll tell you something else, they're already coming back, and they're gonna make us all suffer for what we let happen to their world. Well, not me. I'm siding with the winners this time.

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Boggan Ignorant and irritating, but at least they have a work ethic.
Redcap For a pack of utter simpletons, they seem to have the right idea. I almost like them.
Slaugh I scratch their backs, they scratch mine. As long as I don't actually need to touch them, that is.
Pooka Useful for spare parts, but that's about all you can say for them.
Sidhe Useless toffs who run away when things get chilly. Let's hope when things get crazy they run away for good.
Pentex Yes, I have a pretty good idea what they're up to, but why should I care? They fund my work and don't ask stupid questions.
Wyrm You think these are our enemy? Have you forgotten the coming winter? Let us go out with a roar, not a whimper.
Werewolves Not normally terribly bright, but very powerful. Useful to study, and worth putting between me and enemies.

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RP Hooks


Science! Do you love science? Clay loves science, particularly medical science. Let's swap ideas and talk shop.
Her Face The mask she wears certainly draws attention, but her scars underneath are rather worse. Watching her eat is darkly fascinating. It's only understandable that people might stare.


Mad Science In the dreaming, you don't need to worry about silly things like medical ethics. Flesh is easy to come by, and life is cheap.
Enhancements Do you want to improve yourself? If you can find her the materials to graft in, Clay can help.
Shadow Court There aren't many of us in prospect, but we have our contacts. Come and scheme with her.


Pentex Clay is one of those employees who has an idea what's really going on. She doesn't see much action outside the lab, but every now and then they'll drag back something interesting for her to dissect.
Medic Did those meddling gaians fuck you up again? She can fix you.
Stem Cells Magadon Pharmaceuticals claim that their research into stem-cell treatments is perfectly ethical and legal, but plenty of people disagree. There are rumors of the experiments Clay's performed with human fetuses that seem distasteful to say the least.

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Notable Stats

Medicine 5
Wyrm Lore: 2
Prestige: 1 (condemned)
Flaw: Disfigured
Infusion: 4
Appearance: 1
Banality: 5

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Chimerical Creations
Blueprint - The Arms Mk 1.jpg

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Clay is kind of an unpleasant character, all things considered, and whilst I intend for her to do terrible things to people, I'm only really interested in doing them to NPCs. Doing shitty things to somebody's character doesn't really appeal to me. The upshot of this is that, if your a PC, you at least get anesthesia when she operates on you.

That said, as a character Clay is all about medical horror. The gore should come thick and fast once she gets stuck into a project. Just let me know if I'm upsetting you with anything gruesome, and we can ratchet things back.

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Dr Clay photo.jpg

Dr Clay.jpg

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Real Name: Mi-suk Choi
Fae Name: Doctor Clay
Nationality: Dual nationalities American/South Korean
Occupation: Stem Cell Researcher for Magadon Pharmaceuticals
Primary Legacy: Freak
Kith: Nocker
Court: The Shadow Court
Motley: None yet

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Eroica Well, she certainly has potential. We shall see how this goes, but I fully intend to get her on our team.
Martine Smart girl, and funny as hell. And on my side as well, which is a plus. Can't trust her, of course, but she's probably something approximating a friend.
Amy You mean BSD's come in varieties other than 'Pig Ignorant'? I like this one a lot. And apparently she's in charge now, which is a bonus.
Harano Blunt, rude, not very clever. Thinks he's got a big dick, probably.
Fenton Cute, polite, and fucking fascinating. I kind of want to strap him down and take him apart to see how he works.
Oswald What a gent, and handsome too!
Cody Do I need to graft a backbone in? She's sidhe, and it's high time she acts the part.
Van Smart guy. We could work well together.
Franko Fucking piece of shit, and I intend to absolutely ruin him.
Venom Quaint, but worth further study.
Gwendolyn What the fuck does 'Vater' mean? I bet this is some sort of bondage shit.
Vance Fuck yeah, science!
Bartimus Chivalry ain't dead, it just looks kinda stupid. Nice kid.
Alandra See? SEE? You see what we've become? Pathetic, hypocritical... sidhe filth at it's worst. The world will burn because of your kind.
Monday Kinda adorable, kinda fascinating. Worth further attention.
Finn No comment. I'm sure he'll be useful.
Juli She's really nice. But she also really hurts to be around. Dilemma.

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