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The Astronaut
Full Name: Cleopatra Huxton
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Hometown: Prospect, CA
Occupation: Astronaut/Airforce Captain
Demeanor: Celebrant
Tradition: Sons of Ether

Into The Sky
  • Local. Cleo was born and raised here in Prospect. Her parents are both teachers at the local University. Her mother teaches Advanced Astrophysics, and her father teaches Aerospace Engineering.

  • Prodigy. Cleo is a genius. She graduated from a local private High School at fourteen, but wasn't really able to fit in socially. She was too obsessed with her studies to create the normal bonds people are supposed to get at that age.

  • School. She ended up at CalTech, graduating at twenty with Masters in Aerospace Engineering, and a Masters in Astrophysics. She then transferred to the Airforce Academy, going through the needed classes and training to become an Officer, and Airforce Pilot.

  • Pilot. By twenty two she was the pilot of a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. Over the next several years she went on numerous successful combat missions, and proved to be incredible at it all. It was her skills and genius that eventually drew the attention of NASA.

  • NASA. By the time she started her NASA training, she was a Captain in the Air Force. Her young age drew a lot of attention of course, both positive and negative.< When she finished all of her NASA training, she ended up a Commander. She served multiple tours on the ISS, along with other space missions. Now with the NASA cut-backs, however, that's all on hold.

  • Awakening. One of her tours on the ISS ended up leading to her Awakening. After that she began studying with the Ethernauts of the Sons of Ether, aiding in several excursions into Deep Space, thanks to a properly shielded ship. Many things happened out there. Dark things. She survived, however.

  • Transfer. The Airforce has transferred her to the local base in Prospect, aiding the local Navy in scientific studies in classified subjects. So, now she's home sweet home.



Miracle of Sound - Fires Far

Fires far
Journeys not remembered now
Tired, scarred
Kneel among the embers now
Breathe life into this hollowed
Vessel of rebirth
Over and over be denied
The peaceful earth...
To light the fires far

Miracle of Sound - Call of Home

And down where the rivers flow
In shimmers and shade
Here the future is made
Solemn bonds of trust will never fade
Deepest depths and dankest darkness
Withered limbs they drag my carcass
Stole my love and my desire
Curse their skin to bathe in fire burn
And bathe in fire!!

The Enlightened
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The Others
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Stare Into The Sky
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