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The Others


There was a time they walked the earth as Gods. Now? They are but a fraction of what they used to be. Even despite this, they can still be very deadly. I'm glad to have them as family, friends and loved ones then to be consumed by their fiery wrath. Their laughter is beautiful, but it is always a sad thing when one passes from this world.
Werewolf A lot of them are lost in the 'old ways' and often consumed by their anger, but some very few are still able to laugh.
Vampire These individuals I've been fleeing from for almost all my life. They always want something and often that comes at my own expense. Some can make good allies. Just keep in mind that almost all of them are out for #1 and may do anything to ensure that they're on the winning side.. even if that means trampling all over the competition.
Mage Humans with the ability to control the very cosmos.. what could possibly go wrong?
Wraith I feel for them and try to make them laugh as they truly have very little left in the way of any hope.


I remember when you left me, and not just me, but all of us. I don't blame you for what decisions you made. I'm simply thankful that some of you were able to return. There is little to no faith left within the world. Little to no hope of anything. Perhaps your return will change this.
Ghoul2 I am my own Master now. Finally free.
Kinfolk2 Shhh..
Kinain They call me 'little cousin'. I'm just thankful to have any sort of family.
Sorcerer There was a time when I travelled this road. It led me.. a great many ways.
Psychic How deep down the rabbit hole do you wish to go? Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.
Possessed Not everything is what it appears to be. It'd be wise to not judge a book by its cover.
Mortal In a world of darkness, laughter is the key to life. Without it? You won't make it out alive.