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 ColetteFlower.png Ups and downs of the past

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

1 Peter 4:8

xxxxxHave you ever felt how a shudder runs through your whole body, when you stand in the middle of the forest or in the middle of the field? It doesn't matter where you stand. The weather is what matters. You stand in the field where the greatest winds of the South, the East, the North or the West could throw a tournament to see who is the fastest runner, but there is no wind. There is no sound. The same with a forest, where trees would whisper secrets of the world for the same wild winds, but their branches are standing dead still. This is the moment, when silence sneaks into the world like a thief and takes all fresh air from you. This is the right moment for the shudders to tickle your whole body, because you understand - the storm is coming.

xxxxxThe same weather covered the outside world, when woman named Alanna Kavanagh screamed in her bed, trying to bring a new life to the world. Maybe, because he was afraid, or maybe because he was delighted with such a peace outside before the storm, the baby boy didn't rush to come outside. He did it slowly and very carefully, but most important - silent. Likely, he was afraid to disturb that mentioned peace. The baby boy didn't care about the pain, he caused for mother. He cared about the world and silence. When he finally entered the world and he was taken by the hands of a stranger, he didn't cry, he just gracefully observed, before the first thunder of the coming storm rippled behind the window. But he was not afraid.

xxxxxThe rain started to wash the streets and lightning tried to light the way for dark clouds. The time for the second thunder came and it was met with the scream of the baby girl, who followed her brother. She cried and struggled as though she never wanted to come into the world. Or she wanted to come out like a storm, announcing to the world about the arrival of a newcomer. She wanted to be, to be seen, to be as free and wild as the thunder, that brought her to the world.

xxxxxThe twins. They were two bodies and two souls. One was the calm before the storm, while the other was the storm itself. However, the scream of the girl irritated everyone. People were begging her to stop, her voice was so loud, too loud. One of the nurses even quietly said, "She will be a curse on this family..." And maybe the baby boy heard it. It screamed just once and his voice magically calmed his baby sister down. She grew quiet and the weak baby boy let the last breath out, and died. It looked as if he gave a part of his inner peace and quietness, talent for stealth to his sister that she could survive in the world, which was not ready to take a reckless troublemaker in. The baby girl was named Colette Eileen Kavanagh.

xxxxxThat was the story told by Alanna Kavanagh to her daughter, when Colette grew up older. Colette never learned of this, but while her mother was resting after a horrible night, her father payed a visit. That was the first and the last time she saw her father. The man had to leave and did not even have time to explain his hurry even to his wife. Alanna Kavanagh did not hear from her husband for over three years. She tried to speak with police, a search for the man was announced, but he was never found. So, it's not a surprise, that Finn (the father) was pronounced dead and Alanna was free to start her life again.

xxxxxAlanna exchanged peacefulness of a tiny city into the luxuries of the City of Hope. She hoped that the life for her and her duaghter will be much better in a bigger city, where no rumors could be heard nor about twin brother of Colette, nor about her father. The mother opened a small store, "Alanna's Flower Shop", and lived with her daughter in a small, but very comfortable and warm apartment. Her mother had a true talent in needlework, knitting and, of course, making various arrangements of flowers. So, their apartment was really cute.

xxxxxColette loved spending time in the shop more than she loved her time at school. The young freckled ginger was a true fire, that little storm, who loved freedom, the smells of flowers and the beauty of nature. School was like a frame and chains, which tried to bound her. Likely, that is why her grades were less than average. Most of the teachers were worried, that Colette will hardly graduate. Poor Alanna had to spend a lot of time talking to the headmaster and teachers. The school soon became the reason, why the relationship between Colette and Alanna grew worse and worse with each day.

xxxxxOut of nowhere, she raised her voice at mother, called her names, ran away for a night or two from home. Though, Colette was never a bad child. She did have a kind heart. She kept bringing home all kinds of homeless animals, because she was worried for their lives, she never turned her back on an injured one, and she tried to defend the weak ones against bullies in school. She was not afraid to be punched or hurt, because she knew that she was doing the right thing. But she never felt anger towards her enemies. She quoted the Bible to everyone: "Love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked."

xxxxxHowever, sometimes somewhere deep in her heart something used to stir. Then all that love in her heart, the kindness of the fiery girl turn to ashes. She commits sins and it tears her heart apart. That's when she goes to Church. A relationship with God is very important to Colette. Mostly, because he is the Father she never had, but always dreamed of. Sometimes, when she felt an urge to blow, she ran away from school just to go to the church and breathe in the peace it has within its walls.

xxxxxWith a lot of fighting, ups and downs, Colette managed to graduate High School at 17 years old, having a bunch of friends, because she was a friendly type of girl. That was the day, when Colette and her mother made peace once again, and that love between them grew stronger. That was the happiest day of Colette's life, even if most of the days were full of happiness for the girl, who always felt she had God as a father beside her. She always used to see light in the darkness, until her 18th birthday.

xxxxxShe got into a fight with her mother Alanna because of a boyfriend of Colette. He was using drugs, he was a really bad boy, but she was hoping to help him find his true path, a better path. She loved helping to people more than anything, they wanted that help or not. After that fight, Colette gathered some of her things and left home. She moved in with Gregory. His apartment was really messy. He went somewhere in the morning of her birthday, and she was cleaning the man's apartment. After a few hours she got a call, that Alanna's Flower Shop was robbed by a group of drug addicts and her mother was shot. One of the thieves was her boyfriend.

xxxxxHer mother did not survive. It's very good that Colette inherited the skills of her mother. She was an incredibly talented florist, an enjoyed it. So now, the young redhead is trying to deal with her anger issues, the death of her mother, keeping the shop and an apartment, and staying away and safe from the bad boyfriend, in case he is released from jail early. Also, she keeps trying to turn the world into a better place by helping to others, they need that or not. Sometimes she believes that helping to otehrs helps her to stay in control of her own emotions.

 ColetteFlower.png RP Hooks
  • Fame 2: Caregiver, charitable and kindest ginger in town, mostly known by the owners of various shelters and the church.
  • Flower Shop: Colette is the owner of Alanna's Flower Shop. Her mother Alanna was a true talent as a florist. So, she did have many clients. After all, when you are one of the best florists in town, people come to you even from another part of town. Colette inherited talents of her mother. So, people enjoy Colette's works too. They are ready to pay a lot for one of the best bouquets in town.
  • Shelters: Colette visits animal shelters, human shelters, women shelters, orphanages. It's within her nature to help others. She scoops up various abandoned kittens in the streets and brings them to the shelters or tries to offer it to various passerby. She doesn't mind to decorate shelters and orphanages with flowers for free.
  • Church: Colette is very active member of the Catholic church.
  • Young adult: Even if she is religious and kind person, she is still a young adult and loves going out to relax in various clubs and bars.
  • Forest: She is a true lover of the nature and is very interested into herbalism. It's closely related to her actual work, after all.

 ColetteFlower.png People of the world
Name Description
 ColetteFlower.png Alanna's Flower Shop

xxxxxThis shop is simple and quaint from the outside with a nicely written sign above the door which reads "Alanna’s Flower Shop". Inside the small shop leaves no doubt what is sold here. Flowers are everywhere in various pre-made arrangements, some potted an growing, others dried and hanging from lines criss-crossing towards the ceiling.

xxxxxThere are a few small furnishings and shelves to give the room less of a stark appearance, while also providing additional space for flowers and nick-nacks. A few lamps and ceiling lights keep the shop well-lit. The space between flowers and furnishings isn’t overly large, but enough for most foot-traffic. Overall the shop has an old-styled, almost romantic feel to it. Very much the old style of florist shops as there isn’t a single artificial petal or stem anywhere. A small counter and register is obviously where one goes to make their purchases, with an attendant available.

 ColetteFlower.png Remembrance

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Colette Eileen Kavanagh
Census Data ColetteFlower.png 
Date of Birth: November 3, 1997
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Cavalier
Occupation: Talented Florist
Important statistics: Appearance 5 (Striking beauty)
Gallery ColetteFlower.png