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Hark, good evening, and welcome to my Myspace dot com website. You may call me Damien, and tonight, I will offer you this interview with a Vampyre.

Yes. Thou eyes did readest right, I, Damien, am a Vampyre -- the last of my kind, Lord of Darkness and unwavering sin. Mine dark soul was cursed by Lilith, the goddess of corruption, and now I walk forever alone in the night. My soul is tormented by my solitude, both because I am a non-conformist, and also, a Vampyre. It is true: I must feast off the life blood of the living. I am immortal, and forever young, perfect and in complete isolation.

Please, stay, and help yourself to a reading of my dark, gothic poetry. There, you will find true pain, and know what it is like to live as one truly damned, and alone, such as myself.

I need to log off, now. My mother needs the computer, but rest assured, dear readers, there is so much more waiting in the depths of this dark myspace dot come webpage.

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Emo: Emos Suck! They're vile, self hating obsessed assholes! Some ignorant people don't know the difference between goth and emo, so I'll spell it out for them: we believe the world is totally fucked up. But an emo believes /they/ are totally fucked up. Emo's are more prone to suicide, but goths are more likely to be depressed that so many people commit suicide. tl;dr: Emos suck my goth nuts.

Vampires: Okay. Let's make a clear distinction here. There are some among us, who believe they are Vampires. They spell it 'V-a-m-p-i-r-e'. They are posers. No matter what they tell you or show you, they are not undead, they are not accursed. They are just wanna be lame poser conformists looking to get laid or make a quick buck.

Only I, Damien, Lord of Darkness and Sin and Evil and Corruption, have been kissed by Lilith. Only mine lips have touched hers, and forevermore I am cursed to the darkness of the grave. These beings are liars, liars, and I will write poetry about how angry I am with them for daring to copy me and my despair.

Mages: The only magic is what the Dark Maiden Lilith used to create me, her only childe, whom she loves. These other Mages? Conformist posers.

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RP Hooks
Vampyre: Perchance, dear reader, you are one of the few who wish to gaze upon the last and only true Vampyre left in existence? Why? Do you want to laugh at him and mock him, as all the others did his entire life, to make yourself feel better? Or do you yearn to understand the deep complexity of being forever alone?

Cemetery: I reside at the cemetery, for I am death incarnate. Certainly, my legal address does stipulate I am living with my mother, but that is just a formality. In truth, it is here where I live, or unlive, however thou wants to look at it.

Poetry: As you can probably tell from reading this far, I am a Mister of the Englush Language. My sonnets and poems are what drew Lillith, the queen of the Damned, to me and had her take me away from the light, and forever, deep into the plunging depths of alonliness and despair. Perchance you would like to read them? Perhaps, bolder still, you would like me to ... write one ... about you, or a loved one? I would be most intrigued; MOST INTRIGUED .........

Hunter: Do not hunt me, puny insect mortal human mater. I am death, destroyer of puny insect mortal human maters. I am the last of my kind. I was chosen for not only my strength with the written word, but also, my tenacity with the sword -- ENGARDE!! AVAST!! For the night is dark, and full of terrors, and no longer will I be wedgied ever again.

Ink: What's that, dear mortal? You like the way my ink looks? Yes, I painstakingly -- what don't touch my ink! Don't even think about it! Why? Um.. Because.. it's .. super.. vampire.. special. Yes. Now go away before I smite thee with dark undead prowess.

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Race: Dark Lord of the Night
Full Name: Damien
Date of Birth: December 11
Heritage: Caucasian
Occupation: Brooding Eternally
Demeanor: Show-off
Apparent Age: 18 - 25
Height: 6'4"

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