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Daniel Goodman
Name: Daniel "Dane" Goodman
Apparent Age: Very Fit Forties
Date of Birth: April 7th, 1971
Demeanor: Eye of the Storm
Profession: Unemployed Carpenter

Sphere: Mage
Tradition: Celestial Chorus
Faction: Monist
People Can Change


And the things you can’t remember tell the things you can’t forget that history puts a saint in every dream.

xxxxxWhen somebody claims that people do not change, they should look at Dane. Dane has changed, and he believes others can, too. Daniel Goodman doesn't talk much about his past, and there are good reasons for that.

xxxxxThe son of a cop who died on-duty, Dane had a chip on his shoulder from a young age. He blamed everyone for his problems but himself. His crimes started small, and grew and grew as he did. He was in and out of Juvie, and then finally went to prison in his 20's for four years for assault. Then, four years later, he went back for fifteen years for murder, coupled with a few other crimes. He was a monster.

xxxxxAll those years in jail changed him, though. He doesn't often talk about what he went through in there (Though he is a man of few words, anyways), but whatever it was reshaped him. He came out a man of strong, if quiet and humble faith, and with a strong need to help others around him change as well. He worked as a handyman and a bartender back home in Bismarck until January of 2016, when he moves to Prospect.


Who Is He?

  • He is from Bismarck, ND
  • Former Criminal and Drug Addict
  • Son of a police officer killed in action
  • Served a total of 19 years in prison
  • Unemployed carpenter and handyman
  • Shy. Speaks little to people he doesn't know well
  • A good man with a rough exterior
  • Catholic, but a Monist. Hard example of the Christian Left. Rarely talks about religion
  • Awakened!



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