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Dania wandered into Prospect on a bus and soon was blending into the rest of the under-privileged that lived in the streets. She did what it took to get by, including petty theft and other things less savory. Until the day she broke into the wrong house, looking for food and a few quick bucks from small items she could pawn.

Now she's being guided to the straight and narrow by the homeowner who caught her during the robbery. Her life has changed for the better, though you can take the girl out of the streets but can't fully take the streets out of the girl.

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Trekome - alpha

Quinn - family

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RP Hooks

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Dania Ramirez
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Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: None
Race: Kinfolk
Tribe: Uktena
Played By: Melanie Iglesias

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Played By: Melanie Iglesias