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Dantes Edward Potts

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"I'm going to save the ones I love, even from death. My life is a small price to pay."

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Dantes/Logs/CoC1 Chamber of Commerce meeting, part 1

Dantes/Logs/CoC2 Chamber of Commerce meeting, part 2

Municipal Support, Prospect Office of Inter-Departmental Affairs. (O.I.A)

Age: 36
Beloved Wife: Clover Ellen Lane (Dead)

If you work for the city of Prospect then more than likely your day to day work life is in some way in the palm of this man's hand. Rarely do people ever question how the city they live in just keeps going and everyone seems to be working together to keep life struggling forward but in truth, it doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of effort to get the various departments of government communicating effectively and the O.I.A. is the agency that gets that done.

From the servers that keep the police informed, the DMV, the traffic monitoring system, the gas and water regulatory systems to your local library, the cities networks are all connected and maintained by a skilled group of civil servants that work for the O.I.A.

People helping people, help each other. That is the motto of the O.I.A. and the agency's Director Mr. Potts is usually so busy keeping the city functioning that he's rarely seen outside of his office unless he himself is out doing repair work on whatever is broken at the moment. The ultimate I.T. people, when your in house technicians can't fix it, if you work for the city, you can call the O.I.A. to save the day.