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Darby Florentine

"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."

Date of Birth: More then seventeen, less then twenty one years ago!
Apparent Age: Ask for ID
Occupation: Trouble
Nationality: Irish? Welsh? Something from over there!
Legal Status: Clinically Insane?
Demeanor: Gallant

Hook: "She seems to adore colors, and the brighter the better. She doesn't even mind if they clash, if her clothing is any indication."

Hook: "This girl doesn't seem to know how to frown! She turns even the most terrible experiences around and tries to always see the silver lining. Attempts to make her sad are almost always fruitless. Now, anger is something entirely different. She feels that quite strongly when the need arises."

Hook: "There's something about her that just makes her seem innocent and harmless. It could be her size, or the way she talks or the wondrous look in her eyes. (Sanctity Merit: You are seen as most innocent and pure. You are trusted even if not trustworthy. When punished for a crime, you will receive the lightest sentence.)"

Hook: "She has a VERY low Banality. No, seriously...it's 1. She has an affinity for the Fae, even if she doesn't really know about them."

Hook: "What's personal space? Seriously, this girl will straight up climb over someone to get to what she wants. She's also a fan of perching in high places, or hiding in small spaces. Strange kid."

Hook: "She's all about new experiences, whether it be a new drink, or exploring a cave! She's a gallant and deems herself a bit of an adventurer. Adrenaline lets us know we're alive, people!"

Songs To Live By

Her Soul

People! I like people!

None Yet "None Yet."


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