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xxxxxBorn in the year of our Lord, August 11, 1635, in Casares, Spain, in life Antonio “Dead Eye” de Contreras followed in his father’s bloody footsteps, taking to the seas at the young age of seven to serve as a cabin boy aboard a privateer hired by the Spanish government. As an adult, he was made a Captain by the King of Spain, Charles II, in 1670 and commissioned to raid merchant vessels operated by the various East India Companies in the waters of the South Pacific. Gifted by the King with what would become his beloved frigate, the Angel de Muerte, Captain Dead Eye gathered his crew and became infamous as one of the great scourges during his three decades long stint as pirate king. Ultimately, as the world shrank, and as Spain’s influence waned, he finally met his well deserved demise at the battle of Ta’u, on November 2, 1700, where he, his crew and his ship were utterly obliterated by a hail of cannon fire sent courtesy of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy and several mercenary-owned sloops.
xxxxxThe moniker “Dead Eye” was given to Captain Antonio de Contreras in part due to his uncanny pokerface. A gambling man, the Captain was well known for being unable to turndown a wager, and his stoic visage and unfeeling “dead” eyes made it exceptionally difficult to discern when he was bluffing.

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Wraith.png The Hierarchy would consider ye ore for the soulforges, Heretics repentant souls. But, I say ye be damned, and that there's nary a thing that can be done for it. So, why not join me crew?
Mortal.png Enjoy the time ye got in flesh, it be precious. When it be over, no paradise that tis better awaits ye.
Wyrm.png I be indentured to one of its servants, whatever it may be. Patience serves me interests.

Liar's Dice

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RP Hooks

As Captain of the Angel de Muerte, a ghost ship that can travel through the Tempest, there is nowhere in the Underworld that Dead Eye cannot potentially reach. Of course, there are some places, like the Labyrinth or Far Shores, that carry greater danger. If a party needs to make a discreet and swift journey to a place outside of Prospect, basically anywhere in the Shadowlands, they may be able to strike a bargain with Dead Eye for transit. This accommodation applies to just about anyone, as the Captain rarely worries himself about the motives of his passengers, as long as they refrain from directly threatening him, his crew and his vessel.


Captain Dead Eye is always on the lookout for fresh recruits to add to his crew. In his search for new souls that have crossed over into the Underworld, he is adamant about leaving no place unexplored. As a consequence, those who are able to see Wraiths may find him in the most unexpected of places. His favored Restless to conscript are Enfants that require reaping from their caul, and rumors amongst the Dead profess that he isn't shy about influencing the Skinlands to increase his chances for a harvest.


Like the Gaunts of Stygia, Captain Dead Eye is widely rumored to be a proficient Usurer, cannibalizing souls of the dead that he has reaped or enslaved to stave off the deteriorating effects of Oblivion.

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Notable Stats

The sea is a cold, harsh mistress. Perhaps it’s because Dead Eye’s mummified body rests at the bottom of the Pacific in some dark, crushing abyss or perhaps it’s because his heart has turned away from the lure of Love. Regardless of the reason, the Captain’s Corpus exudes a chilling aura that penetrates the Shroud, cooling the air around him in the Skinlands and making his unnerving presence more easy to detect.


Being dead is a putrefying experience, one’s flesh decays, leaving behind exposed muscle, sinew and bone. This process is slow, painfully gradual, progressively transforming the body into nothing more than a bleached skeleton before finally reducing it to dust. When alive, Captain Dead Eye saw his share of decomposing corpses, in all different states, and his view of the afterlife has warped his own Corpus into something that closely resembles them. Because of this, he is at a +1 difficulty for all social interaction rolls, and Mortals affected by the Fog who see him react as if they had two fewer Willpower than they actually possess.


Dead Eye believes that his spirit now lingers in some kind of purgatory. Because of his circumstances, he finds himself susceptible to many of the old wives tales and superstitions that he had heard about on ghosts while he was alive. Salt can stop him from crossing a threshold when entering a building, so can running water, and animals will often react negatively at his presence. In addition, he is drawn to open flames, entranced by their flickering firelight; and, even the Wards of cynics seem to frequently work against him. Furthermore, wherever he goes, he appears to leave behind an ectoplasmic residue, and his phantom image or sounds that he makes are often captured by recording devices.


Antonio “Dead Eye” de Contreras died 315 years ago, and can consequently recall events that occurred during his afterlife by rolling his Old Soul rating, difficulty depending on how far back he is trying to remember. The number of successes rolled determines the clarity of his memory.


Wherever Captain Dead Eye treads wet bootprints appear in the Skinlands, along with the overpowering smell of the sea.


The paranoid Shadow of Captain Dead Eye has made sure that his fellow Restless learn quickly to avoid his touch. Whatever Dead Eye touches becomes tainted with Oblivion, and when he touches the Corpus of another Wraith, the other Wraith must roll 3 dice, difficulty 6; the number of successes equals the number of temporary Angst points that must be absorbed; a Willpower roll, difficulty 7, can be made to resist by the other Wraith, with any successes subtracting from amount of temporary Angst being gained.

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Antonio "Dead Eye" de Contreras







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Full Name: Antonio "Dead Eye" de Contreras
Lifespan: August 11, 1635 to November 2, 1700
Life: Privateer, Captain of the Angel de Muerte
Death: Killed in battle at sea by the British Royal Navy
Regret: Legacy
Shadow: The Paranoid
Guild: Alchemists
Demeanor: Gambler

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Yellow Jack

The Lamentation Of The Marooned Sailor
• The Drowned Waltz

Where I lie, there be no light,
Deep down here in an endless night.
Where fish, they pick me scurvy bones,
But at least I'm not alone.

A thousand sailors restless lie,
'Cause Davey Jones won't let us die.
You say that with the fish we sleep,
But there's no sleeping in the deep.

Down Among the Dead Men

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