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Dean Hatten

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

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The Tower
Ventrue "Wear your crown, sir. I'm happy to keep your Court running."
Nosferatu "Ugh. Stand downwind please."
Gangrel “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”
Tremere "How can someone let people that are so untrustworthy into such important positions? I will never understand."
Malkavian "Some can be lovely company...and some utterly terrify me."
Brujah "Yes, you're angry. We get it, really."
Toreador "We are everything that is right, and wrong, with the Camarilla."
Kindred "We are the Lords of this world."
Sabbat "Mindless, devil worshiping monsters. They seem to be the best at lighting eachother on fire and poking eachother in the eye with sticks, though. Bravo."
Werewolf "I've heard rumors of these. Terrifying stories. Surely they cannot be true."
Mage "Witches and warlocks? Ritual 'magic' was very common when I was a mortal. Little more then wealthy hedonists, though. Sad I never got an invite."
Demon "Infernalism equals death. Period."
Changeling "Second star from the right and straight on 'till morning?"
Wraith "The Giovanni have always shown themselves to be quite polite to me. Leave the dead be, though. They've already had to deal with the shit of life."

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  • Veronica Hatten - My great, great Aunt, and my Sire. She's jealous of me, I think. You made me, but you cannot hold me back.

  • Samantha Hatten - Ah, Sam. My little sister in life, and my blood-sister in unlife. You always hated me for being the golden child, and now is no different...only with an additional 'e' on the end of child. Grow up. Make something of yourself.

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Daniela is from Israel, and she spent several years serving in the armed forces before she moved to New York and met Dean. The lovely young woman serves as a chauffeur, bodyguard, and escort and messenger for the man.

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Clan: Toreador
Apparent Age: 24
True Age: 150
Hometown: New York City
Sect: Camarilla

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RP Hooks
  • Toreador : He's an Ancilla of the Clan of the Rose, and proud of it. He loves his Clan and everything it represents.

  • Camarilla : He's a staunch believer in the part line of the Camarilla. There is no Caine. There are no Antideluvians. The Sabbat are demon worshiping diablerist beasts.

  • Crafts : Strangely, his primary form of art seems to be cooking. He eats food like any mortal (Though he must purge it sometime that evening), and he has a very advanced palette. He keeps his own gardens for fresh ingredients, and often butchers his own meat. Think Hannibal when it comes to his cooking skills...but less long pork. Probably. He also paints and sculpts and draws, and he's damn good as well.

  • New York : He comes from a long lineage of Toreador, which each of his ancestors embraced from the family. He grew up in Manhattan, and eventually even took the Whip position for his Clan in the city.

  • Friendly : There's something about him that makes him incredibly trustworthy and approachable (Friendly Face merit). In addition he blushes and seems to come to human physical reactions naturally, and he even eats.

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Notable Stats
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