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Denise Godin

"Not all who wander
are lost."

Denise Godin

Denise spent most of her life doing two things - helping her family make money, and caring for her elderly Great-Grandmother. Her family traveled around the country putting on shows with her other gypsy extended family. She made jewelry for them to sell as Talismans to those that they could sucker. Her Great-Grandmother, Beverly, taught her everything she knows about palm reading, and told her many stories of the past and fantastical things she has seen in her lifetime.


Denise has a natural talent to read people and always be aware of what was going on, even the weird stuff no one else could see. It led to her family thinking she was crazy when she would tell them the other, stranger things she could see. Visions would just come to her and they would come true. This was good for the family business, but freaky for Denise. It became worse when those visions of her family would come - especially when 2 of her cousins died. The visions became more scary of monsters, vampires, and terrible events that had to be magical.

When Denise turned 20, her powers increased. Now, sometimes, she only had to touch someone and visions would come to her. When she started having dreams that involved herself, she knew she had to leave her family, as they could not understand what was wrong with her. She 'borrowed' a car, and drove to Prospect.

Denise has learned bits and pieces over the years about her Great Grand Aunt Beatrice that had visions like she did. But for her, it got worse after her parents were killed in a terrible accident. Beatrice ended up going insane and being left entrusted to the cousins that live outside of Prospect. Denise was able to look over her possessions and start trying to relate to her. Upon reviewing the diaries and drawings and other belongings of Denise's Great Grand Aunt Beatrice, Denise now believes that her Great Great Grandfather was Fae.  That was proven that she was kinain when her boyfriend was able to take her into the Dreaming. Now, she wants to find out more about this side of her lineage.

While in Prospect, Denise planned to find a way to make some money through her jewelry making. Everything changed when she met her new friends, her boyfriend, and got a job as a Doctor's assistant at the hospital.

Recently, Denise has met some new friends, and decided to make a big change in her life. She is starting a new business with her friend called, "Atlantis Events" and they have purchased and renovated the Atlantis Events Center. She will be planning parties to be held there, or even off site for clients, while her partner, Wilder does catering for the events.

Really, she wants to get to know others with real psychic abilities so maybe she can figure out these visions and learn to control them. Maybe even understand why she got a message from herself.

Mortal+ Character
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RP Stats:

Notable Stats















Acute Sense of Touch, Spirit Sight
English, Romani

RP Hooks

Jewelry: Denise works for the Queen of Hearts Jewelry store as a designer.
Kinain: Denise has only recently realized she is Kinain. This is a huge revelation for her - almost a relief. Again, this is something she does not understand, but is willing to learn.
Helping Lives Bloom First Annual Gala: Denise was one of the main people that planned this event.


The Godin Family has been traveling back and forth across the family for many generations. Due to this, they have extensive friends and family from coast to coast. While they have not been in Southern California for many years, Denise has a cousin named Anthony, that lives outside of Prospect, but routinely works jobs in Prospect.


Chandler: My best friend. You are family to me.
Lexi: My new bestie!
Azrael: Thank you for believing in my abilities.
Oren: You were my love, my heart, my everything. Then my feelings faded, and I'm not sure if they will come back - not the way things stand right now.
Dr. Daniel Proteus: Someone that showed me something I did not think I would feel again.
Wilder: Friend, business partner.

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