Denver Johnson

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Broken But Unbowed

Full Name: Denver Johnson
Date of Birth: November 19th, 1972
Apparent Age: Forties
Occupation: Homeless/Former Professor
Demeanor: Survivor
Type: Kinfolk
Tribe: Children of Gaia


Widower And Betrayed

Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?:


"My witness is the open sky."
xxxxx- Jack Kerouac


Never mistake motion for action
“I hate to write.”
xxxxx– Jack Kerouac

Denver Johnson, PhD

xxxxx"The road must eventually lead you to the whole world."


Demons run when a good man goes to war.

So Much Lost And Nothing Gained

xxxxxDenver was born in Brooklyn, and raised primarily by his mother, since his Garou father was usually away. He was raised aware of the wolves and their duty. He worked on the family fishing boat for most of his youth, while also working very, very hard in school. He ended up getting a scholarship to UC Berkeley, where he got his Masters in Literary Studies. He also met a Garou girl and they married. They moved to Berkeley and he began teaching in 1995.

xxxxxThey had a daughter, and named her Riley, in the same year. He obtained his PhD in Literary Studies, and then earned a secondary Masters in Anthropology, and a secondary PhD in Archaeology. In 2005 he went on a vacation with his wife, daughter, and the pack they were in. They went to Yellowstone to do some pack training, and get away from Maine. They were attacked by a very powerful Spiral pack, however. His wife and pack were butchered, and he and the other Kin, and his daughter, were captured. They spent months and months and months in captivity. While the others were broken or died...he resisted. His daughter, in the end, went through a Change and was adopted into the Spirals. She is fierce and terrifying, and she hates her father.

xxxxxHe escaped with a few others in 2015, and helped them find shelter in Louisiana. He has been on the road since then, just utterly defeated, and not really knowing who or what he is at this point. He has a lot of issues, and he kind of hates himself. Nowhere to go but up...unless his little girl murders him first.

RP Hooks

  • Kinfolk
    He is one of the Blooded. While he has a lot off issues at the moment, he is loyal to the cause and the People. He is technically without a mate at the moment, though it would take a lot to get through his shell to get him to accept a new lover...but it is possible.
  • Academic
    He reads a LOT. He has two PhDs and a Masters, and he taught Literary Studies, and eventually quite a few Anthropology and Archaeology classes, at Berkeley from 1995 until he went missing in 2005.
  • Homeless
    He is homeless, and is unlikely to accept the first invite to a better life, due to his issues.
  • Searching for a pack
    He is packless, but who would want him?

Face I Meet