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Demon Can't we all just get along?

Cryptic Measure twice, cut once. Proceed with caution.
Luciferan Seriously?
Faustian Meh. Props I guess.
Reconciler The past is in the past. Sorry to be harsh, but like, let it go.
Ravener Childish lot.

Changeling You're a ... what now?
Mage Ooh! Magic!
Mortal Your lives are so very precious. Please cherish them.
Werewolf Keep your distance and I'll keep mine.
Wraith There may be nothing I can do for you, but that won't keep me from trying.
Vampire Your father was a betrayer. Don't follow in his footsteps.

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Something More


Rodney: You're a great friend. Truly, you are. I probably don't deserve you.


Eric: You're so much fun to be around. Thanks for the drinks!

Garreth: Detective Garreth, I'm glad I can always call on you when I need you.

Patty: A spark plug, you are. I like that spark.

Skye: My Jewel, I care for you greatly. But what have we become lately?


Esme: That was fun! Let's do drinks again sometime!

Jackyl: I'm glad I ran across you. Thank you for showing me your little slice of Prospect!

Martine: Scary, intimidating, yet still fun woman. You and Taylor are perfect together.

Taylor: Strong, independent woman. I'm glad you found your soulmate.

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RP Hooks
  • Demon - Desiree is one of The Fallen and would love to meet more like her.

  • Owner of Tease Salon - She is the owner of Tease Salon and she's always looking for aestheticians with talent.

  • Seduction - Much of Desiree's skill lies in the art of seduction. Be prepared.

  • Medium-High Life - She lives within her means, but is always looking for a party. She'll buy your drink if you buy her an appetizer.

  • Hair - Her striking red hair stands out in a crowd.

  • The Hidden - She is interested in learning more about the wraith world and working her way up to seeing it.

  • BDSM - She is interested.

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Desiree Taylor Finley

Desiree portrait.jpg

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Race: Demon
Full Name: Desiree Taylor Finley
Title: Keeper of Beauty
Apparent Age: 24
Height: 5'10"
Nationality: American
Occupation: Owner of Tease Salon
Demeanor: Deviant
Nature: Bon Vivant
Angelic Name: Iofiel
House: Lammasu/Defilers
Faction: Cryptic

Demon Defiler Cryptic

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Notable Stats

Appearance: Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.png

Seduction: Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.png

Flirt: Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png

Sexy: Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png

Lore of Longing: Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png

Lore of Realms: Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png

Resources Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png

Eminence Fbludot.pngFbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png

Influence Fbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.pngEbludot.png

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Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Pachelbel's Canon


Pretty Girls - Britney Spears

My Prerogative - Britney Spears

I'm a Slave 4 U - Britney Spears

Drop It Low - Kat de Luna

We R Who We R - Kesha

Dirrrty - Christina Aguilera

Your Body - Christina Aguilera

Bootylicious - Destiny's Child

S&M - Rihanna

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

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Desiree1.jpg Desiree3.jpg

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Desiree has no thralls at this time.

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