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Devlin Kennedy

"Any idiot can get an airplane off the ground, but an aviator
earns his keep by bringing it back anytime, anywhere, under
any circumstances that man and God can dream up."
Walter Cunningham, 1977

And let's get one thing straight. There's a big difference between a pilot and an aviator.
One is a technician; the other is an artist in love with flight.
E. B. Jeppesen

Devlin Kennedy

xxxxxMortal World: I'm Devlin Kennedy. I come from a long line of adventurers that left Ireland's shores to take up the challenges of the New World's Frontiers. Ever since one can find Kennedys on a frontier, as America grew our family moved west and later north to Alaska. I was born near Fairbanks. My father was a bush pilot and my mother was the family business manager. I learned to fly from my father at an early age. I didn't get my license till sixteen as you might expect, the FAA won't let you get a license sooner. Over time I became a skilled bush pilot and pretty decent aviation mechanic working for the family business, Caribou Air Service. A few months after I got my license, my family had a few tragedies in a row. First one was Pa being hit by a stray bullet while on final approach. He bled out while bringing the plane in safely, no one else died. The other led to my being made Kait's guardian. A man crazed by cabin fever killed her family. Our family took her in and for some reason she took to me. So when I moved here, she asked to join me and the family arranged it.
xxxxxGarou - Kinfolk: The Kennedy family has had its fate intertwined with that of the Fianna Tribe of the Garou for centuries. Their line has many heroes, though in the eyes of some those heroes were more the villains as the family history moves along with historical American westward expansion. All in what side of the conflict on was on. More recently one of Devlin's grandfathers has shown the best of the Kennedy family and the Fianna tribe. Fixes the Scales, an Adren Philodox, known for settling a dispute between the Anchorage and the Katmai Septs that was getting out of hand. Fixes the Scales discovered the agent of the Wyrm behind the dispute. He managed to get a few members from both septs together to destroy the agent. This was followed by his working out cooperation between the septs that still stands to this day.

RP Hooks
  • Assistant Operations Manager: for West Coast Airfreight Terminal. Need a charter? Move freight via the Air? Devlin just may be your point of contact then. West Coast Airfreight uses mostly older DC-3s, PC-6 Porters and PC-12s, and even a few Bell 206L-4 Helicopters. If the freight needs to move faster, the company does have a couple of Citation IIs. West Coast Airfreight has Terminals along the West Coast from Prospect, CA to Anchorage, AK, and; going as far east as Calgary, Alberta; Bozeman, MT; Salt Lake City, UT; and Tuscon, AZ. And if your planning a trip to Alaska, Devlin does have contacts with Caribou Air Service.
  • Pilot: Devlin loves to fly and even owns a few aircraft of his own. A Piper Super Cub and a Beechcraft Twin Bonanza are two of his personally owned aircraft. The notable aircraft he owns is a reconstruction of de Havilland Hornet, a post WW2 twin piston-driven aircraft.
  • Muscle Cars: Devlin loves a good muscle car and currently is the proud owner of a 1970 Cougar. Rumor has it he's willing to help others with build projects.
  • Kinfolk: Being a Kinfolk, Devlin does what he can to support the Gaian Garou and has an interest in other Gaian sorts. He can be easily reached through friends at the Smoke and Barley.
  • Kaitlyn: (AKA the not so little sister, frustrating insanity in a cute package, and one of the best things to happen in my life) Some days fate deals out the unexpected, for me this was Kait. I was the one that saved her. So for a very long time, I was her Hero and security blanket. And thanks to Ma (and some Garou Fianna Elders), I am her Guardian. Lucky for me she loves to fly, so I have a common interest with her. Otherwise, she's a young teen pushing her boundaries as she grows up. I hope to survive this, the rescue was easier... oh yeah, what ever you do.. please do not call her Kaitie..
  • Music: Both Devlin and Kait enjoy music. They are known to play guitar together and sing for the fun of it. Devlin is known prefer playing Bass if part of a larger group and Kait might play rhythm guitar if so inclined to be a part of it. Between the two of them, there are hints of a large collection of guitars, Electric and Acoustic.


Meave: You said Yes.. and now I know a new music that only two hearts can share. Through you, I have also discovered the joy within the word, our.
Teagen: Sara's cousin and my friend. Love what you can do with drums and love the bikes you build. Just wish we could have a little less family drama please. Mind you, I love your news about your growing family, that is drama I can handle.
Sara: I'm still a little pissed about some things that happened between us. Just that now, it isn't as important as I thought it was. Moving on I guess and hopefully Connor is the one you need in your life.
Misty: Lost Kin found and becoming a part of family. Even Kait thinks your fun.
Klem: Grouchy, firm and fair. And you don't take Kinfolk for granted. Thank you. Wish you were around more.
Clara: Love your photography, and enjoying my time with a friend that clearly has that so much more than meets the Eye thing going. In you, I have found a good friend and even to my surprise, a teacher.
Wanda: Strength is important but seeing that your greatest strength is the bonds you forge with friends can be the hardest to see. So glad that you have returned with and come back with one you love. Always welcome in our home.
Cherazart: One of my favorite artists and I love your place where I can go to refill on Caffeine and enjoy art. So glad that you have found happiness with Michal. And if he doesn't treat you right, he better watch out.
Carolyn: Fellow pilot and friend. Looking forward to seeing what matching wits in the air will teach us both about each other. Only person other than myself that has flown the Hornet since I got it. Glad to see someone besides me that loves the beauty of such an aircraft.
Lihi: A mystery of a friend in very many ways and yet you see life with open eyes that so few can see it with. You also leave me looking forward to more lessons in self-defense.
Chance: New ways of seeing things is great. Just take it easy with the I'm a victim bit, ok?
Boss: Funny how your stupidity leads to happiness for me, got to love a twist of fate. Karma can be a bitch. May be she'll play nice if you can find your lost honor.

Mortal+ Character

Kinfolk: Gaian
Tribe: Fianna
Pure Breed: 3
Pack Association: None

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Devlin's Toys
de Havilland Hornet

1970 Cougar

Dan Smith Stratocaster
65' Gibson Firebird 6 String

Kait, my not so little Sister

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