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Winter: Had to steal you before anyone else could. Who else can say their mate can kick ass with a bionic foot?

Andy: Nobody's got my back better. Just let you loose and watch the chaos ensue.

Jasen: We just gotta get that fail magic turned into the reserve. But I got'cha back, buddy.

Sid: Gettin' a little more meat on your bones, so to speak. Good to see you flourishing.

Acacia: May not have meant to find us Aces, but I'm glad you did. You're stuck with us now!

Felix: Ah! Finally a chance to use the Bark Chain! Got'cher number throughout the streets.

Billy: I cannot wait to see the advanced battle tactics of Bushcat and Wolf-Bot 2.0.

Monica: A true credit to your tribe. Quick of wit and a shadow of death to the wyrm.

Runt: Who has two thumbs and likes to beat the hell out of people with a baseball bat?

Lucie: Super chill and looks out for Andy. Milkshakes on the house!

Vesta: It's great when she yells at people. That's my favorite.

Journey: You're just having fun with your hands, aren't you?

Kirk: He's got your back and he's cool under pressure. Never bad to know a Get when shit goes down.

Connor: He's a good Fianna and a wise Elder. Speaks his mind, I like that about him. No wondering about where you stand.

Vicky: Disrespectful, arrogant, and blind. I want nothing to do with you but you will show respect.

Lydia: I don't know if it's you or those you surround yourself with but I grow weary of being insulted by both words and actions.