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Dexter tucks his phone into his pocket as he approaches the University in Houston. The shouts and chaos of people protesting surround him and he lowers his head as he passes through the mob crowd and moves inside.

He swipes his ID card next to the scanner and a beep signals to him that access is granted. The door clicks as he heads into a faculty only area. "I wonder what he wants?" the thought wanders through his mind as he enters a janitor closet. Another card is pulled out, blank and white, and he hovers it in front of the light switch. A section of the floor drops down and slides out of the way to reveal a staircase. He descends.

The text came earlier in the evening and seemed urgent. A matter of extreme urgency was not something to phone in to inquire. He came personally. The sound of his footsteps clack upon the stone floor as he moves towards the Chantry. His eyes scan over the phone again, hovering over the contact information of Adora. A phantom of a smirk forms before he thumbs over the 'text message' icon to send off a quick message before he moves in to meet his sire. His eyes squint suddenly. Where were the sounds of his footsteps? Where was sound at all.

The constricting feeling of razor wire was suddenly noticed. The strength from whoever was behind him was impressive. The sound.. this must be Quietus. The wire cuts into his throat and only moments left to act, his thumb moves to delete the contact from his phone. All messages and calls between them deleted. His back feels the chest of a woman and then the razor wire cuts clean through, severing his head from his body. So many questions.. so much confusion.. and so quickly the world is gone.

The End

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  • Shea - Mr. O'Hearn
  • Noel Birkstead (NPC) - Ms. Birkstead
  • Brandt - Mr. Wooster of Shrewsbury
  • Abe - Mr. Santos

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Name: Dexter Draven

Apparent Age: Mid 30's

Occupation: Multi Business Owner

Hair: Dark brown, neatly combed

Demeanor: Director

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RP Hooks

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