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Dmitri Glass
Information Snapshots

Pawn Shark

Age: 35
Celestial Name: Zadkiel
Height: 6'0"
Demeanor: Conniver
Owner: Glass House Pawn Brokers
House: Devil
Visage: Qingu
Faction: Faustian

Notable Stats

Charisma: ●●●●
Manipulation: ●●●●
Fast-talk: ●●●●●
Demon Lore: ●●●●●
Forgery: ●●●●
Streetwise: ●●●●
Subterfuge: ●●●●
Eminence: ●●●●●
Angelic Aura
Angelic Gaze
Enchanting Voice





Inspiration People


Colors (Stripped) - Halsey
Garden - Halsey
The Hunger in Your Haunt - Crywolf
Diamond Hard - Kerli
The Sound of Silence - Disturbed
The Light - Disturbed
The Vengeful One - Disturbed
Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
Going To Hell - The Pretty Reckless
Pure Morning - Placebo


RP Hooks

Pawn Shop - Dmitri is the owner and operator of Glass House Pawn Brokers. Looking for something? Looking to sell something? He's probably your guy. Oh, he's also hiring.
Forgery - On that 'looking for something' front? Well, if you need papers, he can probably make them for you. Got something of a knack for it.
Eminence - Once the Angel of Benevolence, Mercy, and Freedom, Zadkiel had been a standard bearer at Michael's side. His defecting to the Rebellion made a lot of waves. Maybe you know of him?
Lore Master - When it comes to the Demonic condition, Dmitri probably knows about it.
Dark Themes - There are some darker themes available with this character. If you are looking for them, let's chat. I like to communicate about these things beforehand.
Scouser - Originally from Liverpool, he's been known to make fast friends with just about any of his countrymen.

Thralls - Likely little surprise, Dmitri is always recruiting. Looking to sell your soul for infinite cosmic power?


Faustian.png They were why we fought, and they are still the greatest thing this world has to offer.
Luciferan.png Morningstar, you were my brother, and I admire your drive... But we must try something else.
Cryptic.png What do your books tell you? We need action, not more time sitting around.
Ravener.png ...You know what I said about action? Too much action.
Reconciler.png Are you fucking kidding me? After all we fought for? Cowards.
Mage.png You figured out the spark. Well done.
Werewolf.png Honestly, I've got nothing.
Changeling.png Did... Did we make you? I don't remember making you.
Vampire.png Assholes, aren't they?
Wraith.png Your inheritance is an unfinished wonder. What has it become without oversight?
Mummy.png I feel like a Slayer might know more about this.
Mortal.png I love you still, and you will never understand just how much.



Percy - Bright girl, from home no less. What spooked her so bad, though, I don't know.
Sirius - Well, aren't you just a little gem?

RP Logs

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