Dogs of War

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Information Snapshots
"Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself."
- James Anthony Froude

  • Random individuals who have showed a Kindred nature have been assaulting and harassing new arrivals to the Camarilla Domain. While they have yet to kill anyone, their intentions are very far from being anything but hostile.
  • This is a level 1 risk PRP. You can be damaged, incapacitated, and even sworn at! But no death or torporing will occur.
  • You CAN affect this plot with more than just actions at a scene. You can spend influence, send retainers, contact contacts, bribe muscle, canvass, set up neighbourhood watches, WHATEVER! You can affect this plot in any way your imagination can think of. How you may ask? @mail Tanner=DoW PRP, and in the subject matter merely let me know what actions 'behind the scenes' you are wanting to do.

Sinjin the Bloody








Salacious Salvay


Hayden Gunther III

Story Hooks Scene Logs
  • A Sabbat pack is hounding new kindred residents of the Camarilla. So if you'd like to be involved with this plot as a new player then it's more than easy to do. Just page/mail Tanner and let him know you'd like to do an 'entering the city' scene where you can be harassed/chased/shotat/etc by this group and instantly be involved in the plot.
  • Think you might have run across the group on some occasion, feel free to contact Tanner as well and we'll see what we can do.

Current Leads

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