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"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy,
which sustained him through temporary periods of joy."

-William Butler Yeats

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Roleplay Hooks


Private Investigator: Feel free to hire him...or he might come snooping after you.

Poor: Balls deep in debt. Always looking for ways to drag himself out of that hole.

Fighting: Rarely backs down from a challenge, even against clearly superior foes.

Addictions: Booze, cigarettes, pills, coke, whatever you have on you. Fun at parties.

Poor Impulse Control: Curious to a fault. Never plans anything. Often in over his head.

Hedonist: Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Actually...forget about the rock and roll...

Low-Life: At home on the seedy side of life. Beer, stale sweat, and cigarettes a plus.

Crime: Breaks more laws than a PI should. Rubs elbows with pushers and pimps.

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Musical Inspiration


"Help, I'm Alive" - Metric

"Tubthumping" - Chumbawamba

"Black Sheep" - Metric

"Magic Carpet Ride" - Steppenwolf

"Mary, Mary" - Chumbawamba

"Magic Man" - Heart

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Image Gallery

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Sith co nem.
Nem co doman.