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Dragomir "Drago" Mihailovich

"When searching for the right step forward, it is often best to consider those that have walked this path before you."





RP Logs:

Date of Birth: October 11th, 1981
Change Date: October 11th, 1997
Height/Weight: 6'2" ft. / 205 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Race: Garou
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silver Fang
Auspice: Philodox
Pure Breed 5
Risk Level 2
Pack Name Terminal Velocity

Formal Introduction

"I am Dragomir Nicholas Mihailovich, rited Eye of the Storm. Fostern born on two legs beneath the half moon, Silver Fang of Clan Crescent Moon. Son of Nicholas Mihailovich, son of Michael Mihailovich - rited Frozen Night, son of Nicholas Mikhailovich II, son of Michael Mikhailovich - rited Falcon's Beak, son of Nicholas Mikhailovich - rited The Frozen Death, son of Michael Nocolavich, son of Nicholas I, rited Zheleznaya Gora. I am Alpha of Terminal Velocity, Children of Merlin."

Ancestor Spirit

Drago has a very close connection with the Ancestor spirit known as Zheleznaya Gora (The Iron Mountain). Ancestral hero of the Silver Fang, having fought valiantly during the Third War of Rage. Drago is very in-tune with his Ancestors, specifically Zheleznaya Gora - his mentor whom he is a direct decedent of. (RP Hook for Spirits/Lore/PrPs)


He has come to this Sept in search for answers on the death of his twin brother, Dmitri. His brother died in this area two years ago, and he now searches for answers and perhaps even revenge. Dmitri Michael Mihailovich, rited Moon Caller was a theurge who lived and owned a corporation in the area. His death and subsequent disappearance has left many questions unanswered for Drago. (Seeking ST)


Pack Mates:

Adabw.jpg - Ada - Very loyal Omega

BrookeSpencer1bw.jpg - Brooke - Looking forward to your tales!

Halonabw.jpg - Halona - A perspective we were lacking.

Sergei.jpg - Sergei -

The Protected:

Michaelbw.png - Michael - A devoted soldier.

Montanabw.jpg - Montana - A good man to know, and have beers with.


  • Journey - You have already provided great Wisdom.
  • Jake - You seem to believe in me, I won't let you down.
  • Branton - A great student, but hardly a novice.