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Some time ago, long before Turks and Ottomans invaded, before the Khanate had swept across half the 'known' world and before the glimmer of Marco Polo or Columbus was conceived of by their grandparents Dusana was born to Bartol II Krčki, who would become the Frankopan (Frangepan) family. Born with a defect that would have made her a spinster or outcast amongst her family, a burden. It was an easy choice when Lady Arianne of Esztergom, a well known and powerful noble, asked her father to take the young Vicomtess under her wing. It was Dusana's first taste of Court, her first taste of knowledge and learning, and her first taste of freedom.

Time with her sire, Instigator of Tragic Romance, taught her much and when she was allowed perfect freedom from her mentor she kept it and has held fast to it ever since. Shaped by centuries of the privilege to watch Kindred and the games that they and mortal men play while refusing to be conscripted into their games as a pawn or a pet.

Why she has come to prospect, no one knows...

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      • Vampires: We are our passions as much as our logic. Our impulses as much as our morality. Play your games, your trivial games, in the end it will not matter my friends.
    • Sabbat: No more free than the Tower they rail against. Poor children. But the only real difference between us is that /I/ want to see the heads of my enemies stuck on pikes as a warning to others, not for the Jyhad but..because they're assholes.
    • Camarilla: Court is fun, isn't it, well until you seize the wrong opportunity. Your courts are no different than those of my time. The pleasures all yours til your head's being chopped off.
    • Indies: Loyalty to family is something I understand. Blind loyalty to family makes you as much a slave as the other factions.
    • Anarchs: Eternally struggling like angsty teenagers.

Everything and Everyone Else: You should be judged on their own merit. Their own self-focus and their own ability to walk through a world of temptations. Are you strong enough to look, and learn, but touch only that which you deserve?

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Nibor, Pal, Simon, Talbot and Zoltan

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RP Hooks

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Vicomtesse Dusana Frangepán

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Hah!

Age: A Lady never tells.

Position: Depends on Business or Pleasure

Apparent Age: 19

RP-Prefs: If it's gonna get weird or violent, let's talk it out first.

Theme Song: [1] All Along the Watchtower

Quote: Geoffrey Chaucer: “What is better than wisdom? Woman. And what is better than a good woman? Nothing.”

Office-hours: Late PST.

Temperament: “People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach.” ― Marguerite de Navarre

Short Desc: Short. Pale green eyes. Brown hair. Carmel skin.

Played-by: Michelle Jenner Husson

Notable Stats:

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