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"I'm intrigued by the Dark... out of Darkness comes Creation."

--Famke Janssen

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Changeling All the stories I've heard are about the beautiful, the Fair, and the happily-ever after. Nothing like actual life-life. I'm pretty sure that's why we call happy endings fairy tales. Never seen one, but, I'm sure they existed at one point.
Mage Ahh, what would it be like to wrap my fingers through reality's hair and bend it over..?
Mortal That's me. Caught somewhere beween waking and dreaming, eternally.
Werewolf You mean like Little Red Riding Hood? Yeah, about that.. even if I did know, don't you think they'd murder someone, without a second thought, who knew their secrets? Wolves are territorial.
Wraith Sometimes I talk to the shadows. Sometimes, the shadows talk back.
Vampre Is this the part where I tell you they sparkle? *smirk* Even if I did know about them, which I absolutely do not, don't you think they'd kill to keep their secrets, too?
Demon.png The war is real. I miss you, my love. I'll keep all the secrets you trusted me with, I could do no less.

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RP Hooks
Obvious Hook: Makeup artist, prop maker, if it's got to do with theatre, film-making, re-creation events, or cosplay, her skills and imagination are in high demand.

Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys: Not advertised ICly yet, as she feels out Prospect, but Duvessa is a Sorceress toymaker with considerable Lores. Got an idea? Let's talk shop.

Ex Ghoul: And not too keen on returning to that life. Her ex domitor killed the love of her life, with good reason, but still. Her now-dead Domitor was an Independent Lasombra Antitribu, in LA. It'd be a challenge to dig up the fact, but possible.

Ex Thrall: The love of her life, gone. Will she find love again? Who knows. She's had a complete full-body makeover since that life.

Shady Past: Duvessa acts a lot older than the 21 years her license states she is. Doesn't LOOK older. But there's a certain amount of questionable hiding in the beauty she possesses, too much wisdom lurking in her words, when she speaks up.

People: Despite keeping her secrets close, and past closer, Duvessa has an insatiable love for meeting people from all walks of life.

Service Dog: Yes, Duvessa has a service dog. He's an incredibly well-behaved fellow who answers to the name Buddy, extremely intelligent, and can be found at her side in public, unfailingly. Please don't interrupt his work, but you are more than welcome to open a conversation with her about him.

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Custom 3
Duvessa/Custom 3

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Duvessa Shadowmoon

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Name: Duvessa Shadowmoon

Birthdate (Age): July 4, 1996 (21)

Occupation: SF/X Makeup/Props artist

Height: 5'11"

Weight: ...

Hair: Brunette, long, and mostly straight.. like me.

Eyes: Warm honey-brown

Demeanor: Celebrant

Resonance: ... bit personal, don't you think?

Essence: Dynamic

Hobbies: My hobby is my job.

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Played By: Famke Janssen