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Countess Ionae, Daughter of Flame, Lioness of Fiona, and Defender of Astral Seas Wife. "Winter, I never realized how much I craved you until I felt the first drop of rainwater upon my brow. Is that not ridiculous, for all that we know is sacred, for me to not have recognized how desired you are? Yet even so, I know some nights I will curse you for coming to me, for dragging me under this vortex. I will struggle even as I drown, demanding blood and flesh in retribution. As air is taken from me though I will recognize the merciless gift that is your love. It will always be cherished, eternally caged, so that it will never be able to flee me. This I vow."
Airyana "Bloodless Greetings, child. I hope that it continues to be so."
Narine "We eagerly await your full arrival."
Eden Cat. "I do not fully understand friendship and yet my wife claims that you are this to me. I do not speak those words, but I can say you are mine as the very stones of my house."
Cody Kin. "My little cousin. There is no more to be said than this."
Baron Toal "Pain and suffering bind us."
Vivian Wells "Of course. Now it is time to juggle you on top of all else. Others must watch their tongue around you."
Carolyn "It is time for the fledge to fly or fall."
Cross "I do not agree with all of these symbols that you wear but perhaps I shall carve you into my own."
Ferdinand "You are a most peculiar fellow and yet despite this, perhaps even because of this, it is unquestionable that you belong at my hearth."
Sir Alaric "Interesting. Let us see how quickly you can learn."
Lark Official Drink Mixer. "My glass? It is horribly empty."
Mariava "Are you seeking the boy? He is not here. He was gone as soon as he started to struggle in the waters."