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Edda Adeline Blanchard

Tall and thin, vaguely regal in her western European bearing. Pale skin and pale green eyes are offset by chaotic tresses of red hair, like a flame atop a candle. There is something vaguely alien in her bone structure, a bit built-up around the cheekbones and jaw. Yet she has all the trappings of an attractive female--proportionate from bust, to waist, to hips and legs. A teal dress clings to her frame, the skirt flaring out around the thighs. Long black knee high boots match the long back trench coat the lass is wearing.

Getofenris.png Kinfolk2.png

Concept: Psychic Troublemaker
Demeanor: Roller Coasters and Motorcycles
Nature: Lets see what isn't said

Tribe: Get of Fenris / Kinfolk
Pure Breed: 2

Sub-Race: Psychic
Clairvoyance: 3
Psychokinesis: 3
Pyrokinesis: 3
Telepathy: 3

Rites: Rite of Cleansing

Apparent Age: 18-20
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair color: red
Eye Color: pale green

RP Hooks

The Past:

  • Family - I come from the Haven's Shore pack in Michigan. Namely from a small town called Marenisco, near Lake Gogebic. Their Elder is Hank, a man that took down Gustoph's Bane. He is related to a band just out of Iron County. Sun's Fist is my father, theurge, Fenris. He is related to Sun's Voice, and Howling Rays, both in other packs of the North.
  • Family - I am the only child of Margaret and Louis (Sun's Fist) Seversand

The Now:

  • Prospect - I came to Prospect to see the big city, avoid being trapped in a tiny town for all my life, and maybe take up some rays on the beach. I know, not much, but I only planned to be here a few weeks. The Sept Elders sent me to meet The Ousiders, so that my Tribe would continue to have an eye on me while I was vacationing. However, having been here for a bit, I am loathe to leaving such a spot! I seek a job - I have skills, really. I mean, what 18 year old doesn't already know everything there is to know? I am handy with guns and hunting, and I am pretty good with .. well I cannot cook at all, and my grades were pretty average. I have thought about college, but that hasn't gotten my attention. School, ugh. Where is all the fun? I mean ... I cannot wait to explore the party life of this huge city! ... just ignore that I am a bumpkin from tinytown USA, and unwise to the world of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll -ok?

The OOC:

  • Shifter Sphere - Up for spirit play (I have gnosis merit), for events - I can hold my own as a mortal with weapons and mind craft, I am up for anything you throw my way. Prefer targeted RP rather than general bar play.
  • Other spheres - I am up for RP, but know your ICA will have ICC!
  • I need a JOB~ - looking for someone to run a counter? work a fast food joint? I am really looking to work within a rifle range or sporting good shop, but up for ideas.
  • General RP - I can be found on the beach, at libraries, and shopping! I enjoy fast bikes and opportunities to get into trouble (Ignore that comment members of The Outsiders ... I would NEVER get into trouble!)


The Outsiders:

  • Owen - My one. My only. My world. My Husband. My Mate.
  • Greg - Brother, best friend.


  • Wanda - A new friend, sweet and honest. Tells me whats what without too much heartaches
  • Katherine - Another new friend, sibling of Jamison, and great in causing mayhem. Haven't seen her in a while though.


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