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Eddie Temple

Eden Carpenter

"I need you and you need me ."



Name: Eden Carpenter
Age: Late Teens
Height: 6'1"
Weight: About 185lbs
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/ Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue


Carpenter-Crest (2).png

Eddie 3.jpg
$#!+ About Me People
  • Spirits' - Come and haunt me.

  • He's a Carpenter' - Are you one as well?

  • Bodyguard' - Don't have a lot of money for those expensive places? Hire Eddie to protect you.

  • Religion' - Believe it or not but Eddie goes to church. Maybe you've seen him there?

  • Prospect Roasters' - He works there now.


Apple "Super Ninja/Wife. Mine."
Clara "My friend."
Cross "Father Cross. A man worthy of my respect."
Leila "I'm trying."
Eloise "Your kindness will not be forgotten."

RP Logs

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