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Children of the Mother
Garou "We forgive you...but -why-?"
Ratkin "You suffered, yes, but do not let your hatred consume you or you play into His hands."
Nuwisha "I enjoy laughter, but not at the expense of others."
Rokea "Swim, cousin, swim."
Gurahl "Wake up. The world is burning."
Bastet "You think you are so clever."
Ananasi "Your ways confuse me, but ours confused Them too."
Corax "There is nothing like the gift of flight. Nothing."
The Others
Cadavers "Blood is filled with power. I get it."
Wyrm "We will have Him back."
Mage "Stay away from our Caerns."
Changeling "Are...these a thing? I had no idea!"
Gaians "So many of us have lost our way."
Mortals "Many of us think we lead the way, when in fact we follow in your footsteps."
Spirits "I have an incredible connection with the Spirit within me. Some are so strange, though."