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Eric Matthews
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Information Snapshots

Name: Eric Matthews

Age:    25
Height:  6'2"
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:   Dark brown



Awareness:   2
Appearance: 4
Charisma:   4



Eric is the proud owner of Club Extacy. Located at: D St. and Sunset Blvd.

Photo's of: Asdrall

Eric 2.jpg
Eric 3.jpg
Eric 4.jpg
Eric 5.jpg
Eric 6.jpg

Contacts Quotes
Lane - The first person I met in this city, and one of the nicest people I got to know.

Nelle - Interesting person, though good at sending shivers over my spine... Dunno why..

Desiree - Good times., and a very dear friend.

Andrea - Fun girl, artist and dear friend.

Tabitha - Sweet girl and sooo fuzzy!

Patty - Awesome, cool and tough! Also a dear friend.

Kumo - Loves cars, loves drinks, loves cars and has an awesome workshop.

Jazz - Nice lady, and a good DJ.

None yet.

RP Logs