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Regret - Desperation - Awkwardness
Ernest Ficklestein
"Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape."



Full Name: Ernest Ficklestein
Date of Birth: December 15th, 1977
Occupation: Accountant
Demeanor: Waif
Tradition: Orphan
Position: Desperate Vampire Hunter

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* Innocent - Maybe it's his awkwardness or his shyness. Maybe it's his crappy style or the huge glasses. Either way, something about the man screams 'innocent'. It's hard to imagine he's ever hurt anyone in his life. Hell, it's hard to imagine he's ever really done much of worth in his life. (Innocent Merit)

* Orphan - He Awakened a few months ago, and he's still trying to learn the ropes. He has no idea there are others like him out there.

* Detroit - He was born and raised in some of the worse areas of Detroit. Life has always been hard, and he's lived the life of the victim for most of his life. That all changed about five years ago, of course.

* Accountant - The man is an accountant, and not a shady one at that. He's a simple, run of the mill number cruncher. It's a boring, banal job, but somebody has to do it.

* Vampires - His wife, Maureen, and his daughter, Elisabeth, were murdered by Vampires five years ago. It was the breaking point for Ernest. It's when he began training. It's when he began hunting. In the last five years he's killed several vampires, and it was a near-death experience with one of his hunts that caused his Awakening a few months back.

* Alone - He's a widower, and he has no real friends. He moved to Prospect to get away from the vampires hunting -him-, hoping to start over and try and figure out just what is happening to him.

* Good Man - When it comes down to it, he is a simple, good man stranded in desperate, dark times.



A Brief History

As a note, the character is a bit of a hunter. However, I will not target PCs, because I hate PKing. Any hunting the man does will mainly involve -really- monstrous NPCs through PRPs and similar things. Hell, he may even befriend some Vampires and other monsters if he discovers that they aren't all as horrifying as the ones who took his family. It was the Sabbat that killed his family, and that he hunted, and he has no idea a different sect of Vampires exist.


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