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Foster You know what's going on. I hoped you would honestly want to help me. Now your gone.

Simone An angel with a broken wing. Let me help you even if you can't help me.

LilyJane Your such a crazy jealous unstable controlling attention whore....and impossible not to like.

Sarah Haddad That was a nice surprise but I have this feeling it won't last. I can't tell you everything.

November If not for your love for Him, I could admire you. What kind of leader will you be?

Harikumo The prodigal returns. Of course I welcome her with open arms. I'm sorry they disappointed you.

Larry Exactly what Simone needs. She's happy with you that means I like you too.

Hashim Respectable soldier. I see us as allies more often.

Celest My devoted witch. You get me. [1]

Adrian Please die quietly...somewhere else. We all see you now.