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In town as of July 4th, 2017. While originally the Kitchen Manager for the nightclub Rhapsody, he now oversees Steamed And Hammered full time as well, thanks to A Balancing Act, LLC. No real head for business, though. Much more of a hands-on kind of guy. Brief mentioning in the newspaper as a Culinary Management major at UCP: 2017 recipient of the yearly "Andrew Zimmern Second Chances" scholarship, awarded to culinary students looking for higher education to enable turning their lives around.
"Cooking is one of the oldest arts and one that has rendered us the most important service in civic life." Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1722-1826

I don't give a damn
'Bout my reputation
I've never been afraid of any deviation
An' I don't really care
If ya think I'm strange
I ain't gonna change
An' I'm never gonna care
'Bout my bad reputation

"Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

"It's clear to me. This guy's a true monster. His abilities have nothing to do with it, either. No matter how much force you hold him down with, no matter what kind of cage you shut him up in, forcing this guy's will into submission is something nobody can do." - Captain Levi, referencing protagonist Eren Yaeger, "Attack On Titan"
Work In Progress
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