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The following information is to be kept in the strictest confidence. Anyone caught sharing this information with unauthorized personnel will be considered to have committed treason and shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Failure to protect this document from dissemination is considered gross negligence and will be dealt with accordingly.

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Vital Statistics
Legal Name: Evangeline Michelle Lewis
Date of Birth: September 13th, 1997
Ethnic Background: West European, Mixed
Mundane Occupation: Network Programming

Convention: Iteration X
Handler: Armature-Captain David Wesley Mason
Assignment: Data Retrieval
Agent Status: Active
Threat Level: Least Concern

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Known Associates
Standard Interactions
  • Miss MacBain - Subject has shown attachment to both this person's body of work and their person. The phenomenon might be termed 'hero worship'.
  • Officer Garrett - Officer appears to have an interest in the subject. Their association is "friendly".
  • Mark - Subject reports this person is under the delusion they are a Judeo-Christian demonic entity. Subject still disagrees on fundamental ontology.
  • Father Cross - Subject: Query, Is Father Cross considered actively hostile? He seems ... Old.
  • Doctor Reynolds - Parameters unknown.
  • Marie Hosselmeyer - Subject reports nothing unusual about Hosselmeyer. Reactions indicate heightened activity levels in cerebral cortex, midbrain and medulla.
  • Thea Dallas - Turkish national. Subject is expressing romantic sentiment toward Ms. Dallas. Situation is classified "Irrelevant".

Transdimensional Entities

  • Leila - Friendly. Iranian... Died young.
  • Skeleton - I know you not at all but I am certainly curious.

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Evangeline Lewis is an inquisitive, intelligent and highly skilled young woman with an extremely diverse skill set which stretches far beyond her basic profile. We are over the opinion that she would make a good addition to many field oriented amalgams. Subject is not, however, cleared for deep cover work as she may be considered "impressionable."

Subject is loyal to the program however it has been determined that due to deviant behaviors she should be kept under special oversight. To this effect subject's access privileges have been restricted pending regular review. Please continue to monitor for further development and report unusual activity to Captain Mason. In the case of extreme nonconformity contact CONTROL directly for further orders.

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Skills and Education
  • Ridgemont Academy - Prospect, CA 2004-2012

Accelerated Primary Educaton

  • University of California - Prospect, CA 2012-

Master of Science, Computer Sciences (In Progress)
Master of Science, Network Security

  • Internet Culture

Software Piracy
White Hat Cracking
Digital Web

  • Self Defense

Krav Maga, Expert
Firearms, Intermediate

  • Enlightened Abilities

Redacted by Order of CONTROL
For further information contact Amalgam Prime with relevant mission details.

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