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Full name: Evelyn Rose McGregor
Date of Birth: March 17th
Occupation: Famous Singer/Dancer/Musician
Played By: unknown
Race: Kinfolk
Purebreed 5: Fianna

With smooth cream skin, rounded jaw, and narrow eyes this young woman lives on the more unorthodox side of society. With curly hair descending to her stomach in the front and lower back behind, the hair is colored a dark blue bordering almost on indigo, fading into more of a cyan in the middle and ending with white tips with just a hint of blue left behind. Her deep blue eyes are framed by dark black lashes emphasized by dark mascara, with a smokey-gray tint on her eyelids.

She has a pierced septum along with the middle of her lower lip, both housing black piercings, the one on the lip being a simple barbell and the one in the nose being a near complete ring, with a gap centered under the nose proper. Her full lips are tinted a hint of purple outlined in black.

She stands at about 5' with high heels on and has an athletic but curvy build upon her form. Typically she wears a black fish net dress with a metallic blue underlay, both of which hug her form tightly and come to the middle of her thigh. A pair of knee high liquid leather industiral high heeled lace up boots are upon her feet and typically she has a lollipop in her mouth at all times.

Roleplay Hooks
New to Town!
Famous Singer/!
More Coming!